ROCVAPE Origo CVB Mod review

I’ve had many different mods over the years and time is always changing bigger is not always best which is the case with this mod. It’s small and easy to hold and even keep in your pocket. I don’t always want to drip or use a large mod so this one is perfect. I wanted to compare to the eleaf icare but this, in fact, is actually much better apart from the weight and more durable.Filling this one is very simple just unscrew the top and fill to the max fill line just under 2ml of juice. marked on the side with a max fill line which is easy to see I get around 3 droppers full of juice. as you see this is as large as a 30ml bottle of juice which works perfectly for the hand sizeThe coils are large but they do last quite well I managed over a week so far on one coil. The coils that came with this are 0.5 ohms and do provide great flavor. the juice holes on the coil are quite large so it does prevent dry hits but it does get a little on the hot side.This does have a standard 510 drip tip so it can be switched out to suit your needs. My only complaint with this mod is the weight this is a little on the heavy side for a small mod. The power button is the standard 5 clicks on 5 clicks off it also features a led light green for full power and red when it has a low battery. this is charged via standard micro usb and takes around 2 hours to fully charge.the coils for this mod vary depending on where you look I found some for 7 bucks a pop for a single and then a 5 pack for 10 bucks which is more reasonable. But all in all this is a perfect mod for on the go no screen to mess with and no setting to have to change. links are below to purchase the mod and the coils.

Origo Coil

Origo CVB