Warmonster 4-slots Universal Intelligent LCD Charger For Li-ion 18650 26650 16340

As an active e-cig user, I rely on battery safety and keeping my 18650 batteries fully charged ready to use as I use 4 batteries a day while I vape. I normally use my 4 bay nitecore charger but as my battery collection grows and with 2 of us vaping I needed something else to combat the charging issues.

This charger quite surprised me although it doesn’t have all the features of my nitecore of auto-detecting the type of battery it does have something my nitecore doesn’t and that’s the ability to set the Mah level I want it to charge at so if I’m in a rush I will leave at the default setting of 1000Mah which is like a fast charge if I’m not in a rush I can change the setting to 500 Mah or even 250Mah. I like to keep mine on 500Mah right in the middle. with 1 18650 battery on 1000Mah it took 3 hours to fully charge whereas the same type of battery took 4 and a half hours to charge on 500Mah.

Now when the batteries are fully charged this will stop charging the batteries so that’s a great safety feature to me. But the charger does not turn off or go into standby when no batteries are installed in it, you would have to unplug it to turn off the charger. There is also no switch on this to turn off save unplugging it.

This comes with 2 power cables one for the outlet and one for the cigarette lighter in the car which as an e-cig user that is a great thing to have especially if traveling long distance.

Now the battery bays them self are really nice the sleds are smooth and the spring action support is very easy to move down when installing a battery there is not much resistance. The display is very clear and easy to read and when the back light is on makes it easy to read in dull light the display shows the battery bar level the current voltage and the percentage of the battery along with either the current mah level you have it on and  the time for how long the battery has been on charge.

you have 3 button under the LCD screen to scroll through the battery sleds you have to go all the way round to get back to the first sled as there is no back button. the middle one you press to change the battery type and the mah level. the instructions that came with this charger do cover a lot of the information needed

has a car charger
can charge at different mah levels
lets you know how long charging took

does not auto detect battery
does not have a power switch
does not auto turn off or go into standby mode

Warmonster 4-slots Universal Intelligent LCD Charger For Li-ion 18650 26650 16340 /Ni-MH AA AAA C / 3.2V FePO4 Rechargeable Batteries with Car Charger + US-Plug