Alba Mist E-liquid Review

we have a treat today all the way from England a line of juice called Alba Mist from Caledonian Vapes they have a great selection and  reasonable prices my interactions with this company have been very professional and great customer service from the company they have quite a large range of juice to try and a flavor for everyone with more coming soon

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20160827_084508Summer Fruit 

Pineapple, watermelon, strawberry and a host of tropical fruits make this the coolest summer vape

This is a one of those vapes i was skeptical on because of the menthol and the watermelon and pineapple but wow this is an amazing vape inhale you get the cool menthol followed on the exhale of the strawberry pineapple watermelon and a tropical mix on the end this was quite a smooth vape even with the menthol no big throat hit to complain of  no aftertaste or harshness this would be an all day vape for me i tested this flavor on my Mutation Xl x5 with a 0.45 ohm clapton build running from 40 to 70w  vapor production was good  i received mine in a 3mg nicotine and 80% VG

Rating 5 stars

20160827_084508Caramel Digestive

Caramel Digestive Alba Mist Eliquid is a tasty treat with lashings of caramel on a biscuit base

This is a really nice vape which takes me back to good ole days growing up inhale you get a rich caramel flavor followed on the exhale with the digestive biscuit base which is a cookie crumb base  and more caramel on the end i thought this was a really good vape and pretty spot on no harshness or aftertaste only a slight throat hit this was a relatively smooth vape that produced great vapor production i used my 13 Heavens 9 Hells RDA with a 0.4 ohm twisted build  running from 40 to 70w  for me this will be an all day vape  i received mine in a 3mg nicotine and 80% VG

Rating 5 stars

20160827_084508Nutty Cino

This is a really nice vape inhale you get what seems like a hazelnut walnut combination and pretty much the same on the exhale with what seems a coffee mixed in with a hint of cinnamon and caramel on the end this is quite the sweet vape which was unexpected but very enjoyable to me i did not experience any harshness or after taste but did have a slight throat hit i used my Phenotype L RDA with a 0.5ohm clapton build  running from 40 to 70w  for me this will be an all day vape  i received mine in a 3mg nicotine and 80% VG

Rating 5 stars

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