Amazing Little Eleaf iCare Review

so we got our hands on the Eleaf iCare and even though I’m an advanced vaper that sub ohm vapes which means lung hits not mouth to lung this little device actually packed quite the throat hit that i was not expecting on a 3mg nicotine juice this is light weight and compact great for out an about no fuss no hassle device, for those that are still smoking i have to say i think this is the perfect device to help you quit smoking

Eleaf iCare Starter Kit – 650mAh  US$13.20

so lets inspect this device see whats all to it and talk about each section as we come to it

20160831_08415920160831_08420720160831_084151Top Cap

the top cap simply just pulls off to reveal the inside coil post and battery cover which clearly states Don’t Touch of course the text is in a light color and hard to ready so at first i thought that is where you filled the device but it is not you unscrew the coil post next to the rubber cap to fill the tank the center hole in the cap is used to tighten the coil down i did not state this in the video

20160829_132525 20160829_132512Coils

to install the coil as this does not come pre-installed with a coil you unscrew the silver coil post and remove from the iCare device open one of the 1.01 ohm Coils and crew onto the bottom of the post each coil has 4 juice flow holes which they are off set to make sure no dry hits when the juice gets low you can buy replacement coils HERE for this device


20160829_132413Filling the iCare

this seems simple yet a little hard you have to take care not to over fill past the little black line as highlighted in the image to the left its a little hard to see and my first time filling i didn’t see the line and over filled and did have a slight flooding issue this holds around 1.8ml of juice  i  used an 80% VG ratio juice in this device and haven’t had no issues apart from me over filling as you see the little hole near the top this is the airflow if you cover this with your finger its going to be a really hard draw

20160831_084131 20160831_084045Charging

to charge this device simply plug-in the USB cable at the bottom and let charge it takes around an hour to charge you will see the red indicator light come on when you plug-in the USB  and after a while the light will go out i did notice it got slightly warm while charging but nothing drastic i would not leave on charge for a long period of time 1 hr 30 mins max mine took around 1 hour to charge you can get the Power Bank for this device HERE which has a larger Battery capacity of 2300mAh

20160831_103551[1] 20160831_103510[1]20160831_103538[1]Charge Indication

you will notice a color change when you take a puff on this device if you look down while vaping Green full charge Yellow half charge  Red low charge this also allows you to vape while its being charged which for many new vapers is a good thing

20160831_115713[1]Adjustable airflow

you can adjust the airflow on this device by removing the  coil post air tube and turning the ring slightly with the holes to open or close the airflow some to get the perfect vape for you this is a little tricky with it being so small


Size: 30mm x 14mm x 75mm
Output wattage: 15W max
Resistance range: 1.0-3.5ohm
E-liquid capacity: 1.8ml
Battery capaticy: 650mAh

Overall Opinion

this is quite a remarkable device for such a tiny thing this does pack quite the punch this does remind me of the gas station cligalites but better even using a 3mg nicotine in mine it still provided me with quite the throat hit which is what new vapers need when trying vaping for the first time i also had a few user errors when i first used this im not going to lie i did not read the manual that came with this i first tried to remove the rubber cap that covers the battery and internals  then i over filled it and caused some flooding which led to juice being pulled up into my mouth not a good feeling  the fill line is so hard to see especially if you have bad eyesight  i had to hold the iCare under a lamp to see how full it was the other issues i found was getting the air tube out to install a coil or refill after it has a little juice on it becomes a little hard to get a grip on and i know some older people will have an issue or those with bad hands but using the device is so easy anyone could do it i do have a fear of parents with young children though not to leave this in arms reach with how easy it is  to take a puff on  this can be used for CBD oils as well as Eliquid providing that perfect little toke when an as needed to me this really stimulates the sensation of smoking an even as an advanced vaper i still quite enjoyed  vaping on this while for me it didn’t provide a full satisfying vape i did get the throat hit that i craved i would be happy to recommend this to anyone just starting vaping or trying to quit the cigs even if you vape and smoke this will be a perfect device to help you combat those craving as it provides the throat hit you’re looking for and at such a reasonable price you can’t go wrong

Eleaf iCare Starter Kit – 650mAh  US$13.20

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