were checking out 3 of the 6 flavors from the MODUS line of juice today this line comes in some amazing packaging when i first saw this i was blown away each flavor of this line is one that almost all vapers will enjoy i was skeptical on Pablo but read my opinion below The Drip Club has a wide range of juice to select from so if you don’t like any from the MODUS line they will have something for you

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If you’re looking for another boring, run-of-the-mill custard or cream, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place. Akuma’s luscious cream puff flavor is not like anything you’ve experienced before. The whipped vanilla filling coupled with light pastry notes leaves this masterpiece balanced better than a Masamune katana. Seriously; it’s perfection.

this is a really nice combination of custard cream and pastry i love a good custard so this is right up my alley inhale you get a rich creamy buttery custard followed on the exhale with more of the same with a pastry crust mixed in its sweet but not overly sweet i didn’t experience any aftertaste or harshness but does have a slight throat hit vapor production is great  i received mine in 3mg nicotine and their high VG mix for me this is an all day vape if like me you are a custard cream lover this is one vape you don’t want to miss out on i tested this on the Tsunami RDA with a 0.3ohm kanthal basic build and in my Moldova Panda Tank running from 40w to 70w this flavor didn’t change

Rating 5 Stars


Pablo comes in swinging with the perfect pink lemonade. This second flavor of the Modus line is a sweet, slightly tart e-liquid that combines the distinct flavor notes of your favorite pink lemonade.

this is a weird but good flavor combination and definitely different from most lemonade vapes i have tried to date this is full of citrus and delight inhale you get the strawberry followed on the exhale by a lemon grapefruit combination and not an ordinary grapefruit but pink grapefruit this is a little on the sour side and a little tart but the sweetness shows through  i didn’t experience any aftertaste or harshness it does have a slight throat hit and vapor production is great  i received mine in 3mg nicotine and their high VG mix for me this is an all day vape i find this very refreshing vape from morning to late evening  the combination of both sweet and sour is what i think makes this vape so nice i tested this juice on my Troll V2 RDA with a 0.13 ohm build kanthal ss 316L parallel build and in my Smok micro Mini tank running from 40w to 70w this flavor didn’t change

Rating 5 Stars


Molly is the first flavor in the Modus line. We pulled out all the stops to bring you the best strawberry sour belt on the market. There, we said it. Now go try it for yourself.

this is an awesome strawberry vape and not all that much on the sour side like you would expect  inhale you get a rich strawberry flavoring which seems like a really ripe strawberry followed on the exhale by more of the strawberry with a sour note to it  it’s not too sour well i didn’t find it that way but it’s not your everyday strawberry vape which sets this apart from the other strawberry juices  i didn’t experience any aftertaste harshness or throat hit it does have vapor production   i received mine in 3mg nicotine and their high VG mix for me this is an all day vape i don’t do many sour vapes but this one i really like i tested this juice in my smok tfv4 mini and on my alliance RDA with a 0.3 ohm build kanthal ss 316L twisted build running from 40w to 70w this flavor didn’t change

Rating 5 Stars

20160825_111530 20160825_111341OVERALL OPINION

this is a great line of juice each flavor i found rich in flavor and very enjoyable the art work on the packaging blew me away they are unique and different no matter if your running high wattage or low this juice preformed well with both clouds and flavor i dripped and tanked these flavors for testing on  3 different RDA’s and 3 different Tank’s and flavor was slightly muted in a tank but that’s to be expected but the vapor production remained the same each 60ml bottle of MODUS runs around $24 currently on The Drip Club website all the MODUS juices are high VG

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