Zion-Vape Ejuice Review

we have 6 flavors from Zion Vape to check out they offer 30ml and 100ml bottles at reasonable prices they also offer sample packs which allows you to try some of their flavors to find your next all day vape  the ones we are reviewing today are from the specialty line i received my sampler pack in 3mg nicotine and a 50/50 Vg PG ratio  they offer a max vg ratio also for the cloud chasers prices are 30ml $12.50 and 100ml  $20. so lets jump on into the juice

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20160814_022335Agent Smith

Agent Smith is a blend of a red energy drink with a touch of black cherry! Provides a smooth and flavorful Vape.

this is a flavor i did not enjoy its just not my kind of vape inhale you get a blast of the energy fruit flavor then followed on the exhale with a dominant cherry this reminds me of the code red by mt dew it was a pretty smooth vape but the cherry leaves a perfume aftertaste no throat hit or harshness not an all day vape for me  this did produce great vapor production and cherry lovers will like this flavor

Rating 3 Stars


Morpheus is a custard blend with a note of cinnamon and a graham finish.

this is a really enjoyable vape one i found hard to put down inhale you get a rich sweet buttery custard followed on the exhale with the same and a hint of cinnamon and Graham cracker on the end of the vape this is a very smooth vape no throat hit or harshness and no after taste vapor production is good for me this will be an all day vape

Rating 5 Stars

20160814_022321The One

The One is a rich flavor with a creamy yogurt base, with a hint of blueberry and banana.

this is a really surprising vape inhale you get a banana yogurt combination and the same exhale with a hint of blueberry i thought this was more of a candy banana than a fruit banana like the laffy taffy banana i found this to be a smooth pleasant vape no aftertaste or harshness with only a slight throat hit for me this will be an all day vape i thought the banana was  the dominant flavor on this one

Rating 5 Stars

20160814_022354Lady in Red

Lady in Red is one of our most popular flavors. It is a yogurt base with a light berry blend and a vanilla finish. Very smooth and refreshing.

this is a nice blend of strawberries and yogurt  seems like a Greek yogurt more than a plain yogurt to me a little on the strong side but enjoyable inhale you get  the strong dominant yogurt flavor followed on the exhale with strawberry very smooth vape a slight throat hit no harshness or aftertaste for me this will be an all day vape

Rating 4 Stars


Cypher is a sour candy flavor. It is a blend of your favorite fruit drop candy with a touch of sour to enhance to flavor. Provides a smooth and flavorful Vape

this is a weird vape to me i don’t get many sour vapes this is like a fruity cereal mixed with sour lemon drops inhale you get a fruit mix followed on the exhale by a sour belt of what seems like lemon to me this is a smooth vape no aftertaste or harshness good vapor production for me this is a possible all day vape

Rating 4 Stars

20160814_022359White Rabbit

White Rabbit is our newest specialty flavor developed with help from our friends over at paganvape.com. It is a creamy vanilla yogurt blend with a great pineapple finish.

this is a really smooth vape im not a big fan of pineapple vapes but i enjoyed this one inhale you get a creamy yogurt flavor followed on the end with  a sweet pineapple and more yogurt on the end for me it was rich and smooth vape no harshness or throat hit vapor production was good  when opening you can really smell the pineapple but i thought this flavor was balanced really well  for me this is a possible all day vape i didn’t experience any aftertaste at all

Rating 4 Stars

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