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we have a whole bunch of wire and coils to review from Coil Master nickel stainless steel and kanthal i have been in build heaven over the last few weeks testing and playing with the wire while i currently don’t do the real fancy builds i do love to learn and try those out to the best i can after all practice does make perfect so below we will talk about all the wires and builds that coil master has to offer for your vaping experience and how i thought they preformed when comparing to wire i normally use like with anyone learning to build coils a good knowledge of ohms law is the key along with a good ohms reader you can use your mod for this but not recommended you can use apps and sites like Steam-Engine to help with your build

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13692548_10153541486066567_8845780349963932224_nCoil Master A1 Wire

this is a wire that is most commonly used for building coils and used for power wattage mode only  they have kanthal in stock from 22g which is quite a thick wire to 30g which is the thinnest and normally used nower days for wrapping to make claptons i  used this wire as i would any other wire and i didn’t face any issues this wire worked as well as the wire i was previously using lasted around the same amount of time but did not turn my cotton orange


20160709_000944Coil Master SS316L Wire

this can be used for either temp mode or power mode i tried this in both modes and i have to say i fell in love with this wire it’s now one of my favorite wire to build with its not a springy as kanthal and heats up a lot faster but does run slightly lower in ohms so add extra wraps when building  cleaning this wire is as easy as kanthal you just have to pulse this wire at a much lower wattage than you would kanthal i fired mine around 20 to 25w this produced some amazing colors as i show some of my builds they offer 22 to 30g in this wire


20160726_023453Coil Master Nickel Wire

this is a wire that is used for builds using temp control only i done a twist and a basic wrap with this wire while i do not always run temp mode i do test it when i have TC mods and this will save having to use a tank i can throw in a build on my RDA and vape in temp mode while this wire does have safety concerns i suggest you do some research before attempting to build with nickel they currently off 24 to 30g in this wire

the images below are some of the wires i  twisted wrapped and coiled up using the wire from coil master they are a mix of kanthal and SS 316 wire mixed

20160726_023057 20160726_023134 20160726_023159 20160726_023219 20160726_023240 20160726_023258


20160630_204812Coil Master K clapton Wire

This clapton wire is made of kanthal A1,26ga and Nichrome 30ga. this really provides a great vape and again the Nichrome provides some great colors when pulsed at low-wattage i normally do between 6 and 7 wraps to get the ohms i like always check the ohms of the build before making the second one in case the ohms are too low for your liking i didn’t have any problems making coils with this pre built wire


Coil Master Twist Wire

This is 2 26ga kanthal or 2 28ga kanthal wires twisted together this is a basic build that anyone can do by hand or with a drill i like a twisted coil its simple and easy to do and provides a great flavorful vape having it already twisted does save quite a bit of time and is easy on the hands i didn’t have any issues with this wire coiled up really easy which i will show in a video later on

pre made coils

they have a wide range of pre-made coils to select from  fancy and basic

20160630_20364020160726_043712[1]Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Wire

these are a large build and will not fit most 22mm rdas with ease but on a 24mm or 30mm these  are awesome i had great vapor production and flavor was just insane from these they was a little low in ohms for my liking but none the less they was good i just wish i could have fitted them in  a 22mm rda instead of having to use a 30mm rda

20160630_20364420160726_043605[1]Coil Master Juggernaut Coil

these are a great build they lasted really well vaping at 80w i didn’t have any trouble installing these on any rda that i currently own but i do not like vaping on such low ohms so i did only run a single coil build but preformed really well

20160630_205415Coil Master Pre-built A1 Coil

these are great for those just getting into building coils and using an RDA or for those having issues building these pre-made coils really do serve a great purpose especially for the ease of them on hand depending on what ohm you like to vape at they have some pre-built made for you remember these are ohms for single coil builds for dual just device the ohms in half so a 22g 0.4ohm single would be a 0.2ohm when using dual coils and always make sure to use a suitable wattage  and check to make sure that your device is compatible with the build some mods will not fire below a certain ohm

20160630_20460020160630_204450Coil Master Pre-built Twist Coil

these installed with ease and i loved that they provide a great range of ohms to suit everyone’s needs as not everyone wants to run a single coils or vape at low ohms

20160630_20463920160630_203734Coil Master Pre-built K clapton Coil

i done a video of installing these a little while ago these installed really easy with easy these are great for those vapers that don’t have the tools of knowledge yet to build the claptons lik myself i keep trying but i always mess up on some of the wraps i tested both the 0.6ohm and 0.4ohm running a dual coil which in fact made my installed build a 0.3ohm and a 0.2ohms  always remember when you have two coils installed you have to half the ohms of the first coils to get the ohms of a dual coils


Coil Master Premium Pre-built Coil

they have a new selection since i received mine with a wide range of options

20160726_042353[1]even as a beginner or advanced builder this wire will suit everyone’s needs i compared this wire to Lightenvapes wire and geekvape wire and it compared the same cleaning your wire daily or when changing flavors is the key to making your build last as long as possible don’t worry about making your builds look perfect we all started somewhere the main thing is SAFETY when building coils make sure that your  DEVICE and BATTERIES are capable of firing the coil

building with this wire is as easy as building with any other wire performance was also really good im one of those people who hates waste so even if i feel i messed up a build i will still wrap it and try to use it as long as its SAFE as you see from above the one clapton i made the wraps was not perfect but it still worked like one that was perfect my favorite was the SS 316 wire i had never used this kind of wire before but fell in love with it flavor was off the chart and vaping was great while this wire runs at a lower resistance than kanthal and you do need to add extra wraps at times  mixing with kanthal helps resolved that issue

things you will need to make your own coils a coiling kit or needle pose pliers tweezers wire cutters screwdriver scissors an ohms reader and of course something to wrap those coils with a coiling Jig

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