Mutation x5 xl 24mm RDA Review

i won this RDA in a Facebook like and share contest i was super stoked that i won i love my RDA’s as you might have guessed from my juice reviews this is a 24mm  RDA so it can support a wide range of builds you would think  this also has an airflow similar to a tank which is very  different for an RDA innovative and unique this RDA is not like any other i currently own this is a 2 post deck as i will show you all below but i feel as if this is a head of its game right now and wont be very popular for some design wise it looks stunning but fails on some of the features  in my opinion this is in reality a 22mm rda dressed up as a 24mm the rda may measure 24mm but the deck is 22mm if that which does limit you on build size

20160723_055830Drip Tip

you get only 1 option for a tip on this RDA unless u get a custom tip or another that fits it taped off on the top and not the style i  like it’s also short so our lips end up touching the top of the RDA which does get quite hot

20160718_135805 20160718_135754 20160718_135623Deck

this is a 24mm 2 post deck and each post has 2 holes unlike most this has a bar that comes off the positive post and blocks most of the center but does have a airflow slot in it  the post holes are a big enough to support a wide range of builds but does have its limits with the extra sleeve added you are building in reality for a 22mm deck still this uses hex grub screws this has a nice deep juice well and an adjustable center pin note when building on this RDA do take notice on your coil legs with the negative and positive post being so close together

20160718_135635 20160718_135659 20160723_055901Sleeve 

the sleeve comes in 2 parts for this RDA you have the outer sleeve and inner sleeve  but you can’t run just the outer sleeve as the inner sleeve holds t in place  on the outer sleeve you have  a top airflow control much like you do on tanks but it’s so loose i find it turns on its own with movement of the RDA while vaping or catches very easy and closes up  the airflow is a little restricted on this RDA compared to most but you don’t get spit back on you when  the coil pops with the dual sleeve


you get spare O rings Screws and a hex wrench

Overall Opinion

this RDA provides a great flavor full vape and does produce good vapor production once it’s warmed up a little and does tend to have a slight whistle at times i find that this can be a little on the airy side when airflow is wide open but closing it  half or 3 quarters just does not produce a good amount of vapor but flavor remains the same this is a nice RDA but does have a few quirks that i am not all big on  first the extra added center bar while it looks  cool its just an added extra piece of metal blocking some of the airflow around the coils and limiting builds the tapered drip tip i am not a fan of the airflow control ring spins freely  and restricts the vape if you don’t notice the dual sleeve while its great to prevent the spit back out the airflow in the sides it does restrict you on builds the dual sleeve is good that you don’t have to line the outer sleeve up with coils you can put it on any way you wish as long as the center sleeve is lined up but when dripping its a little hard with some bottles to drip on your build

the image below shows a 22mm deck left alongside the 24mm deck of this Mutation on the right while the actual outside ring measures 24mm in diameter the  deck build space does not

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