CigGo T200 TC Box Mod Review

today we are looking at the Ciggo T 200w Box Mod again this one follows suit on design from the CigGo T50 TC Box Mod CigGo T75 TC Box Mod and the CigGo T100 TC Box MOD Review  i didn’t find much wrong with this mod apart from the ohms reading other than that it preformed very well see below and watch this mod in action in my video you can get this mod in blue grey or pink and you can get different colored face plates for this mod like the 75w you can mix and match and switch things up some to suit your needs and style

CigGo T200 Contains:

  • 1 X CigGo T200 Temperature Control Box Mod (Battery Sell Separately)
  • 1 X Cleartank RBA Temperature Control Tank
  • 1 X Extra Kanthal A1 Coil (0.5Ω,For VW MODE)
  • 1 X Manual

20160622_150252Ciggo T 200w Box Mod

as you see from my images left and right this mod has quite the unique design it measures 5 cm wide at the widest part and 10 cm long and 2 cm deep on the side you have the name of the mod etched into it slightly  you can change the front and back sides the Ciggo T 200w Box Mod will go from 1w to 200w or in temperature mode will go from 212~572℉ i love the way the screen is set out with options as we will talk about below it is just different with the screen on the bottom of the mod

20160622_23030120160622_230147the top of the Ciggo T 200w Box Mod you have your 510 threaded connection  with a spring-loaded pin on the side of the mod at the base of the device you have the micro USB  port which would be used  for updates the USB Cable is not included in the package

20160622_23063120160622_230641 the fire button on this mod is at the top of the mod and is the same as the other mods  5 clicks on – unlock – lock – off  2 clicks fast changes the mode of the Wattage to volts or vice versa or in temp mode from Celsius to Fahrenheit the face of the mod is located on the bottom where you have two buttons and the OLED screen


the two smallest button are the power up and power down buttons which are also used to scroll through the menu options when you unlock the device which then shows a series of options to select from

20160622_230601 20160622_230901 20160622_230842 20160622_230819

as you see from the images above the menu selection is really easy to navigate through and simple to use as you also see from the menu this little Ciggo T 200w Box Mod it supports a wide range of coil options

20160622_224012the tank that comes with this kit is not an all round bad tank to be honest its nothing special or fancy like most on the market today but it surprised me running the kanthal 0.5 ohm that was pre-installed at 35w produced quite a good vape and a good amount of vapor  this is a top filling tank that holds around 4ml of juice  you do get a spare NI200 coil for temp mode and it does have bottom airflow as we will see below as i highlight each part of the tank

20160622_223205Drip Tip

there is nothing special about the drip tip at all its a standard 510 stainless steel drip tip if you don’t like the original though you can switch it out for your favorite tip

20160622_22323820160622_223242Tank Body

the body of the tank only dissembles so far so cleaning can be a little tricky and if the glass breaks you would have to replace the whole tank although it looks sturdy a vape band wouldn’t hurt for extra protection looking at the image to the right you can clearly see the top fill hole and breathing hole and chimney  in the center  this will hold around 4ml of juice


the base does not have an adjustable center pin but it is gold-plated to help with conductivity looking at the airflow on the bottom of the tank you can see the stopper they have put in place to lock the airflow open or closed i think the stopper is to far inside as you are not really getting the airflow wide open as shown in my image to the left it is restricted  by the stopper but it still has plenty of air and at times does seem very airy


the coils look like any other ordinary coil  both the kanthal coil 0.5 ohms and the NI200 coil 0.2ohms are clearly marked on the casing you can get replacement coils from HERE

20160622_17490120160622_174919you can get the RBA section for this tank it does come with a pre-installed coil but it was a little high for my liking at 0.8ohms so i did have to rebuild the coil for this i didn’t have any issues installing or wicking this RBA was relatively easy

Overall Opinion

this is quite a powerful little 200w mod i think this would make a great starter kit for anyone looking to get into vaping  i have been pushing this mod to the limits using the tank that come with it along with rdas i did notice that when you use the TC coil that it does not auto switch to TC same with SS coils it does not switch over you have to change the setting your self which is not a big deal but is a feature that does come in handy shaking the mod i do hear the up and down button rattle slightly but only when really shaking the mod which we don’t do anyhow the up down button can be a little tricky to press as they do not really stick out that much and are quite close together i found at times it has a little trouble making up its mind on the ohms of the coil it flickers for a few seconds then stables out while i tested a bunch of different rdas on this device running from 50w all the way up to 200w i even added a tank that is capable of 200w and it didn’t have any issues  but it does seem as if the wattage is slightly off but not enough to really notice the  Ciggo T 200w Box Mod did work good with ss builds kanthal and even nickel i didn’t have any issues using other atomizers on this mod i will use this mod daily keep a look out in my reviews for this mod

this mod is listed on the Ciggo T 200w Box Mod for $109.00 retail i do feel as if that is a lil pricey for this mod but a quick google i did find it at  for $53.70  i will continue to test and use this mod over the next 30 days and if anything should happened that i haven’t covered here i will do an update review on this device

Features and Specifications:


  • TC Mode support Nickel 200/Titanium/ Stainless Steel Coil
  • Variable Voltage/Wattage
  • Removable Battery Design
  • Firing Resistance Above 0.1ohm
  • Temperature range: 100-300℃(212-572℉)
  • Adjustable volt/Watt: 0.1V-8V,200W Max
  • OLCD displays Real-time Resistance/temp. etc
  • Size 107.3mm*55.6mm*26.3mm
  • Metal Case With Nice Finishing
  • Replaceable Colored Doors


  • 4ml 0.2ohm Ni200 OCC coil Tank
  • Fill E-liquid from Top/Bottom Available.
  • Air flow control

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