iJoy Tornado RDTA

today we are going to look at the Ijoy Tornado i won mine in a contest from GearBest on Twitter i was excited about this tank for the look of the deck but my excitement soon  withered away when i received this tank below we are going to take a look at this tank and all the parts that make it up

i don’t think i have struggled with an item as much as i have this tank no matter what i tried i could not get past the leaking when first filling and installing coils wow what a pain in the rear end especially when trying to line the coils up and tighten them down

i will not recommend this tank to those with little patience or beginners due to the deck as you will see below and in my video

you can Buy the iJoy Tornado RDTA from GearBest

20160621_093754Drip Tip

this is a nice Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip but it’s so short  i find my lips are resting on top on the tank i love my wide bore tips but dislike how low this sits and i had a fight to get this out of the top of the tank i actually had to pull it out with a pair of pliers it does come with a 510 Drip Tip Adapter but to use that you have to fight to get the wide bore out

20160621_093803 20160621_09373520160706_060350[1]Tank Top

the top of the tank features the side filling once your turn and unlock the top ring which does come all the way off there are two notches on the fill ring that lock it into place the fill hole is big enough to support most bottles on the market with ease

20160621_093819Tank Glass

the tank body glass is made of Pyrex and comes with the top and bottom O rings seated on the glass to start i also found out for some odd reason there is a right and wrong way to install the glass after taking it apart and cleaning it if the glass is installed and the glass can spin freely on the tank its upside down you will have to take apart and turn the glass around to lock it in place making sure to seat the O rings in the top of the tank and base

20160621_093530 20160621_093601 20160621_093547Deck

i have the T4 build deck that came with the Ijoy Tornado which allows me to tun dual or quad coils i chose to only run dual coils at this time for the review using the coils that came in the box  as you see from the images left and right  this has some great airflow holes on the deck and some nice size post holes to support large builds  the center pin is gold-plated

20160622_072507 20160622_072402i installed the two twisted coils that came in the accessories pack it was quite a fight to get the coils into the deck as all it done was spin around when trying to tighten them and also holding the coils in position was  a little tricky to say the least i set my cotton to lay on the base of the deck an the coils positioned over the top of the airflow holes

20160621_093828 20160621_093535 20160621_093836 20160622_072512 20160621_093741Base

the base of the tank you get the ring that goes over the top of the deck and screws into the base and then screws onto the top of the chimney to hold the deck in place the bottom airflow ring also just pulls off which makes it easy to set in place but i found at times turning the airflow ring to set it  slips down slightly and u have to push it back up in place


bag of goodies includes spare O rings Screws  2 twisted coils hex wrench the coils ohm in at around 0.3ohm when using dual coils

Overall Opinion

i messed with this tank for quite a while packing in the cotton using less cotton and i still had issues with leaking when filling this tank you need to close off the bottom airflow and have the tank at an angle for filling through the side filling hole once you have it filled close of the side filling and slowly open the bottom airflow and have a napkin ready to mop up the over flow of flooded juice that is going to pour out each time you fill this tank from the side filling hole you can fill from the bottom but with the glass not seating into the top grove properly the glass shifts and again makes a mess as shown in my video the side fill flooding issues once the initial flooding leaking has happened there is no more issues until you have to refill it has great airflow  the only things i really got annoyed with this tank was the deck turning while trying to install coils the leaking on filling  and the short drip tip  i will not recommend this tank to a beginner or those with very little patience

Product Features:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • 5ml Tank Capacity
  • Locking Side Top Fill
  • 17.8mm Two Post T4 Build Deck
    • Direct Contact 24K Gold Plated Contact
  • Dual Adjustable Airslots
  • Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip
    • 510 Drip Tip Adapter Included
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Gold Plated 510 Contact

Product Includes:

  • One iJoy Tornado 300W Capable Two Post RDTA
    • T4 Build Deck
  • One 510 Threaded Delrin Drip Tip Adapter
  • Spare O-Ring Pack
  • One Hex Key

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