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today we are looking at three flavors from RXNLiquids i was a lucky winner on twitter of their re-tweet to win contest  which i assumed was only for a 50ml and to my surprise it was for three 50mls and I’m so thankful that i really like all three flavors my original choice was sold out of the Ra-Pt-U-Re so i went with the next best thing Dy-Na-Mo the staff i dealt with was awesome very friendly and respectful their juice comes in a variety of VG PG mix along with a variety of Nicotine levels and you can even add extra Additive’s  i have to point out how different the labels on these bottle are i love how they have set labels for each category of juice flavors and mark off which flavor you get  along with what VG PG Ratio you select and nicotine level very different yet personalized  their juice is priced for the everyday vaper  at $7.50 for 50ml except the blends which is $27 for 50ml

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What comes to mind when you think of duos, batman and robin? Bonnie and Clyde?… Did anyone say about apricots and plums?! Prepare to be blown away by this Dynamic duo that’ll guarantee to have you begging for more.

this is quite the combination of flavors i love both plus and apricots to eat so i was looking forward to this flavor and i was surprised inhale you get a really nice bold apricot flavor on the exhale you get a sweet plum flavor with more apricot on the end this is actually a really nice flavor its a smooth vape and not over powering at all this for me would be an all day vape this has great vapor production  i have this in 80% VG 20% PG 3mg Nic

Rating 5 Stars

20160621_092845Peanut Butter Cups

Smooth Peanut butter and decadent milk chocolate collide to arouse the taste buds

this is an amazing flavor i don’t eat the peanut butter cups candy as i don’t care for them but this vape i really enjoy inhale you get the rich peanut butter flavor where the peanut really stands out exhale you get  a rich sweet chocolate flavor not the chocolate that tastes like coco puffs but more of a Hershey chocolate this does have a slight throat hit but nothing that is harsh for me would be an all day vape this has great vapor production  i have this in 80% VG 20% PG 3mg Nic

Rating 5 Stars

20160621_092716Cake Batter Drip

A smooth, fluffy batter worthy of licking the spoon for every last drop.

this is an exact match for licking out the cake bowl after mom or grandma has made a cake brings back childhood memories for sure  inhale you get a real nice rich cake batter flavor and exhale the same  sweet rich cake batter this flavor is spot on for me would be an all day vape this has great vapor production  i have this in 80% VG 20% PG 3mg Nic

Rating 5 Stars

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