Dirt Cheap E-juice Review PT1

today were checking out a line of juice from Dirt Cheap E-juice they have a great selection of flavors to select from  with great prices to suit everyone  the website is very easy to navigate and ordering is easy  along with fast delivery all juices are made to order so these will have to sit for 2 to 3 weeks for full flavor potential they also offer a good range of  VG G selections 50/50 70/30 90/10 prices are as follows $2.99″>10ml (plastic) – $7.99″>30ml (plastic) – $8.99″>30ml (GLASS Dripper) – $13.99″>60ml (plastic) – $14.99″>60ml (GLASS Dripper) – $24.99″>120ml (plastic) – $26.99″>120ml (GLASS Dripper)

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this is a good vape but seems very light on flavoring  inhale you get a light mild strawberry exhale you have a great sweet smooth cream followed by a hint of strawberry on the end vapor production was great and for me this would be an all day vape im going to let steep for another few weeks and retest this flavor to see if the strawberry pops on it it’s already steeped for 2 weeks or more now this is a max VG selection 90vg 10pg in a 3mg nic

Rating 4 Stars


this is a delightful vape  i really enjoyed this flavor cant beat a smooth creamy vape  inhale you get coconut flavor which is on the milder side exhale you get a really nice thick cream followed by more coconut and what seems like a graham cracker on the end vapor production is great  and will be an all day vape for me this is a max VG selection 90vg 10pg in a 3mg nic

Rating 5 Stars



he taste praline-coated pecan pieces and caramel in vanilla flavored cream.

this is a favorite flavor of mine i really enjoy this one for the boldness of the flavors and throat hit on this flavor inhale you get a rich caramel flavor exhale you get the pecan nutty flavor mixed with the caramel and what seems like an ice cream flavor it’s not really too bold but does deliver a great vape and throat hit  nice and smooth vape vapor production is great and for me this is an all day vape this is a max VG selection 90vg 10pg in a 3mg nic

Rating 5 Stars



Mid level tobacco flavor

this is a different tobacco vape to what i have tried before and i love my tobacco vapes inhale you get a tobacco flavor but it has that smokey woody ash flavor and exhale is pretty much the same for me i think this flavor would be perfect for those just starting to vape that are trying to give up the stinky’s as it leaves that as taste in your mouth this has great vapor production but for me it’s just not an all day vape this is a max VG selection 90vg 10pg in a 3mg nic

Rating 4 Stars

20160608_201930BLUEBERRY WAFFLE

Delicious blueberries with a rich maple syrup and buttery waffle flavor.

this is a great blueberry vape which i have been enjoying a lot of blueberry vapes lately inhale you get a real nice bold blueberry exhale you get the waffle  topped with more blueberry and some  maple syrup on the end the waffle flavor is not that bold the blueberry is dominant to me vapor production is great this is a max VG selection 90vg 10pg in a 3mg nic

Rating 5 Stars

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