Into The Fog E Liquid by Global Vapor Supply Review

we have a new line to check out called Into The Fog E Liquid 6 flavors and something for everyone i received these over the weekend and had a chance to sample each flavor below is my own opinion on these flavors i love the white bottle looks so clean and crisp the packaging the sample box comes in is full of information  on all sides the company offers more than just juice and is worth checking them out at Global Vapor Supply so lets check out these six flavors from the Into The Fog E Liquid  collection you can grab the sample pack here Into the Fog Sample Pack for $49.99

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An irresistible mix of apples, strawberries and peaches woven together with an exotic touch of dragonfruit that is sure to ravish your palate.

This is a really pleasant vape inhale you get ripe sweet strawberries exhale you get peach dragonfruit mix and a hint of strawberry on the end i thought this flavor was blended very well vapor production is great and flavor works really well together for me this would be an all day vape

Rating 5 Stars


Vape the Rainbow” with this myriad of savory fruit flavors that collide to create a truly unique taste reminiscent of every candy lover’s dream.

This is another flavor i don’t normally go for but it’s not a bad flavor inhale you get that mad fruit combination of skittles candy or fruit loops cereal which is on the sweet side exhale was pretty much the same this juice does produce great vapor for me it’s not really an all day vape

Rating 4 Stars

20160614_011135Evening Moon

Ripe melons and cucumbers paired with zesty lemon-lime give way to this pleasantly refreshing flavor.

This is a flavor i don’t normally go for im not a fan of melon vapes inhale you get a strong honeydew melon flavor exhale  you get a cucumber flavor and a lemon citrus flavor combined i know some of you love the cucumber melon vapes and this would be a great  flavor for you vapor production is great just not an all day vape for me

Rating 2 Stars


Sweet wild blueberries layered in creamy custard, finished with seductive hints of vanilla.

This is a flavor that i love sweet and creamy blueberries one i have a hard time leaving alone inhale you get a nice blueberry which isn’t overly sweetened its kind of on the tarty side followed on the exhale with a sweet creamy custard i didn’t think the blueberry was overpowering at all vapor production is great and will be an all day vape for me this is blended really well

Rating 5 Stars

20160614_011110Pure Haze

An enticing blend of wild grape nectar delicately infused with lusciously fresh watermelons.

This is a flavor i was like ugh when i read the description and saw watermelon but i was shocked at this flavor inhale you get a nice sweet grape flavor exhale you get melon flavor to me it seems as if there is a mix of watermelon and honeydew and more grape on the end the grape reminds me of koolaid  vapor production is great and would be an all day vape for me

Rating 4 Stars

20160614_011119Zero Visibility

Get lost in this mesmerizing twist of ripe strawberries and subtle lime overtones from our Into the Fog line of vape e-liquids.

This is a flavor that i wasn’t expecting to like to much after reading the flavor profile but i was surprised  inhale you get the sweet strawberry exhale you get a bold lime flavor with more strawberry on the end again vapor production is great for me this would be an all day vape this combination just works really well

Rating 5 Stars

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