BlueDot Vapors Ejuice Review PT2

today were checking out a line of juice from BlueDot Vapors i have 13 flavors to test and review so these will be broken up into 2 posts so it’s not too much all in one go  you can view  my first review here BlueDot Vapors Juice Review PT1 those are the flavors i enjoyed the most  i have had these a little over 2 weeks now and flavors haven’t changed since i received them i have tanked and dripped these juices used on cotton and ceramic coils on all accounts juice was great

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20160608_202236Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the perfect warm weather vape. This is a delightful mix of sweet strawberry blended with crisp tart limeade. A refreshing vape that will bring relief from the heat.

this is a really nice combination i thought this blended really well together inhale you get a nice rich ripe strawberry exhale you get a tart lemon  limeade flavor and more strawberry on the end vapor production is great this would be an all day vape for me

Rating 5 Stars

20160608_202614In The Loop Pre-steep

This is our take on a tried and true favorite, Fruit Loops. Our rendition is like taking the first fresh bite of cereal right after you have poured milk over it. Are you in the loop?

this is a fruity cereal vape while i don’t normally like these types of vapes i did however enjoy this one slightly more inhale you get a fruit mix  followed on the exhale by a milky cream with more of the fruity cereal flavor vapor production is great but not really an all day vape for me

Rating 4 Stars

20160608_202216Mr E.

Be a vape detective, figure out the Mr E!

this is a great way to do a juice it really puts the customers taste buds to work  inhale i thought u got a fruity cereal skittles flavor on the inhale  and more of the same on the exhale vapor production is great but not really an all day vape for me it’s just not a flavor i would vape all the time

Rating 3 Stars

20160608_202308Maui Sunset

Dominant pineapple backed up by mango and papaya and splash of cream.

this is a vape only a few are going to like inhale you get a strong pineapple flavor   followed on the exhale by mango and some cream for me the pineapple spoiled this vape with the pineapple being so over powering vapor production was great but this is not an all day vape for me

Rating 3 Stars

20160608_202231Convicted Melons

Fresh, crisp & delicious. Honeydew dominant flavor with tart green apples and sweet strawberries.
Formally known as “Nice Melons”.

this is a melon vape and you can imagine my thoughts as im not big on melon vapes  inhale you get  a dominant honeydew melon exhale you get  a green apple and a mild sweet strawberry  followed by more  honeydew melon vapor production is great but not an all day vape for me but i did actually enjoy this one compared to other melon vapes i have had

Rating 3 Stars

20160608_202624Sticks & Stones Pre-steep

Come on a journey to Thailand, visit a Kanom in Phuket and treat yourself with the Thai’s most popular and most delicious dessert: sticky rice with mangoes. If you’ve never had this dessert before, you’re in for a treat. Sticky rice is mixed with sweet coconut milk and fresh, ripe mangoes in the peak of their season.

this is a vape i don’t really care for due to the flavor combination of this one inhale you get a strong mango flavor followed on the exhale of more mango and something sweet the mango is over powering so its hard to pick up on other flavors vapor production is great but not an all day vape for me

Rating 2 Stars

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