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today were checking out a line of juice from YouGotJuice i won these four flavors in a contest they was having on social media so i went with what i liked and what people talk about more i have to say on one flavor that i hear good things about i was disappointed that it tasted the way it does but i cant complain too much as it was a win

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20160610_083926Strawberry Custard

We use two different vanillas and two different strawberries to make this delicious and it’s a personal staff favorite ADV.

this is a really nice strawberry custard vape one that i have been loving the past few days  inhale you get a nice ripe strawberry exhale you get a smooth creamy vanilla custard and a dash of more strawberry on the end vapor production is great and an all day vape for me i really love this flavor

Rating 5 Stars

20160610_083935Peach Yogurt –

A ripe juicy Georgia Peach balanced with a tantalizing accent of Yogurt.

this is a flavor that’s not for everyone but if you love yogurt vapes this will be  right up your alley   inhale you get a rich sweet peach exhale you get a tarty yogurt that s not too sweet  this is blended really well with the sweet peach and tarty yogurt vapor production is great and again for me this is an all day vape

Rating 5 Stars

20160610_083855Vanilla Custard

A rich creamy Vanilla that all Custard lovers can really savor.

this is a great custard another of my favorite juices to have on hand to get a break from fruits  inhale you get a smooth creamy custard exhale the same smooth vanilla custard vapor production is great and an all day vape for me

Rating 5 Stars

20160610_083849Sugar Cookie

Remember going to Grandma’s house and getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar, but they were just so good you didn’t care how much trouble you got in?

this is a let down for me after hearing  everyone rave about this flavor i was excited but after trying i ave to say im let down inhale you get what seems like a sugar cookie DOUGH mix exhale the same dough cookie mix to me it’s almost like a stale cookie dough vapor production is great but fails on flavor not an all day vape for me

Rating 2 Stars

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