DockSide Vapor Juice Review

today we are checking out a line of juice from Dock Side Vapors i have only 6 of the flavors they have to offer they have some great sounding flavors i have to say of the 6 i received i really enjoyed them all and was surprised by one of them you can save a little cash if you are a new customer by using this code during checkout VAPOR and get 25% off your first juice order remember this is for new customers!

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A blast of Florida sunshine with peach and dragonfruit. This fruit blend has hints of berry and citrus, making this flavor just as smooth as it is exciting!

this is an orange vape but surprisingly yummy  inhale you get a bold orange  which tastes like fresh orange juice exhale you get peach and dragonfruit mix with more orange on the end for me it’s not an all day vape but i did enjoy it vapor production is great

Rating 4 Stars

20160608_201400Dixieland Delight

Sweet strawberry frosting on a warm glazed donut

this is an amazing vape this one made me hungry inhale you get a rich ripe strawberry  exhale you get that ever-loving warm smooth creamy donut flavor this one i had a hard time putting down vapor production is great  and for me this will be an all day vape

Rating 5 Stars

20160608_201406Bad Wolf

A tangy berry and apple taffy candy flavored blend, an apple a day keeps the Doctor away…

this is a another great vape one that i enjoy inhale you get what seems like a tangy berry what seems like a blueberry or black berry and apple  exhale you get more apple with what seems like a blue raspberry on the end vapor production is great  and for me this would be an all day vape

Rating 5 Stars

20160608_201423Captain’s Berries

A sweet cereal taste morphs into a creamy aftertaste hinted with strawberry. All the flavor without the crunch…

this is a cereal vape that’s not a cereal vape  inhale you get a great sweet strawberry exhale you a sweet cream or whipped cream and more strawberry on the end blended very well and an all day vape for me vapor production is good for me this is an all day vape

Rating 5 Stars

20160608_201436Berries & Cream

A blend of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries swimming in a pool of delicious vanilla ice cream.

*Formerly called Berries a la creme

this is a really nice sweet vape inhale you get blueberry which seems quite strong exhale you get the  sweet cream raspberry and strawberry it’s quite a nice combination vapor production is great  for me this will be an all day vape

Rating 5 Stars

20160608_201452Red Hill Original

A berry infused yogurt that could only be inspired by the beauty of Red Hill, Alabama.

this is a nice yogurt vape inhale you get a strawberry raspberry mix exhale you get the tarty yogurt flavor combined with the sweet fruit  vapor production is great and an all day vape for me

Rating 5 Stars

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