Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner

i was sent this Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner to review i had my eye on one of these Ultrasonic Cleaner  for a while i have a lot of RDA’s and tanks that i use for reviews and with the amount of juice they get run though them daily you can imagine how dirty they can get specially from flavors i don’t care for or strong flavors such as cinnamon or  red-hots  they tend to stick to devices hard but a simple 3 minute bath and all is good i do run items twice or more if they are really dirty a process that used to take around 40 to 60 mins weekly cleaning can now be done in less time

you can buy this Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner for $29.99 

20160526_225956[1]Product Description:
Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner is a powerful cleaner that gently cleans your vaping-related products, such as RTA,RDA,RBA,metal atomizers parts,screws,drip tips,etc. The tank holds up to 600ml of water and powerful ultrasonic energy wave sweeps away dirt, dust and grime quickly and easily.

1、Use tap water for cleaning;
2、Practical and classic design;
3、3 minutes auto shut-off;
4、Moisture-proofed and anti-corrosion PCB,more durable;
5、CE、FCC、RoHS testing approval;
6、Specialized for cleaning RTA,RDA,RBA,metal atomizer parts,screws,o-rings,glass tanks,drip tips,etc.


as shown in my image u can see the max fill line i recommend filling to  below this line as once you start adding items to tray this will increase water level and go over as i found out really fast  i filled the basket with quite a few items

watchWatch Tray

the watch tray arch is  useful for a few items but no real need for cleaning atomizer i haven’t used this part yet but i will in future when i clean a watch or item that requires this piece i do suggest making sure watch is water proof before placing watch in the Ultrasonic Cleaner

Parts Tray

the tray is quite large to hold quite a lot of items specially for little bits and small parts suck as screws drill bits   screwdriver bits rings earrings coils glasses once the tray is used it does make it hard to see fill line so i recommend adding water after items are in tray and cover items with water


you only have three buttons to deal with On Off Reset
ON – starts cleaning process for 3 mins
OFF – stops cleaning process
RESET – resets timer to  3 mins
LED – lights up when power is on


the lid is see through so you can see the items as they are cleaning this will have a build up of condensation at times and makes it a little difficult to see items but the lid does not lock so you can open while cleaning to view progress

Power Cord

this has quite a long power cord to reach most outlets  i recommend placing this on a hard surface as it does vibrate


i ran RDA Tanks Glasses Rings Necklaces Bracelets  Spoons Coils Drill Bits Screw Driver Bits though to see how good it cleaned items i was quite impressed on how it cleaned you can use hot cold warm water to clean the vibration helps shake loose the dirt for really dirty items you will have to run through multiple times to get a good clean i tested using cold warm and hot water with and without soap added and each time results was slightly different i found using warm to hot water with a few drops dish soap did work best for initial cleaning and then used with  plain water to rinse any 20160526_235949[1]soap off after worked best for me as you see from the image to the left my items was pretty nasty looking as you can see from some of the items i cleaned the daily grime has been removed and renewed my vape experience again i found myself putting all kinds of items in to clean to test this does not heat the water up but the base of device does get a little warm after running for quite a while in one sitting removing the dirty water can be a little messy if you do not pour it out fast enough it tends to run back on it self a little i would say that one of these is a must in any ones vape collection


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