WizardofVape Ejuice Review

we have 6 flavors to check out today from Wizard Of Vape i have enjoyed all 6 flavors so far they don’t have an overwhelming amount of flavors but the ones that they do have that i have tried i was quite impressed  on the amount of vapor production i was getting from only  running around 60w  on 0.2 – 0.4 ohm coils

All Wizard blends are biw us non-GMO 80/20 VG/PG  i know in my video i kept saying 50/50  because the ones i received was all 50/50

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20160503_160514555 is Alive!

A succinct and nutty blend with the base flavor of 555 tobacco. Those looking for a tobacco vape with a nutty aftertaste must try 555 Is Alive!

This is a great tobacco flavor i really enjoyed this one  smell has a little strong tobacco smell inhale you get the tobacco again it’s not a bold tobacco  really enjoyable exhale you get a nutty flavor vapor production was great  for me this would be an all day vape

Rating 4 Stars

20160503_160539V.C. Tobacco

Smooth Vanilla and Caramel flavor. V.C. Tobacco is the choice blend of the Wizard. It is a base blend of real tobacco cigarette taste supported with a smooth accompanying flavor or Vanilla and Caramel. It was the first blend created and argued by some as still the best.

This is a really mellow tobacco vape smelling this one you can smell tobacco but it’s not strong  inhale you get a mild tobacco flavor exhale you get what seems like caramel vanilla and more tobacco on the end this has great vapor production for me this is an all day juice i really enjoyed this flavor

Rating 4 Stars

20160503_160459Wizard Hazel

The Wizard’s own hazelnut blend with a sweet aftertaste and a 555 tobacco base. By far and away the Wizard’s most complex blend, with 8 subtle flavors for your vaping pleasure.

This is a weird floral tobacco vape vapor production is great inhale you get tobacco flavor again on the milder side exhale you get more tobacco  and a floral flavor  this is not a flavor  i  enjoy so for me this is not an all day vape

Rating 2 Stars

20160503_160509Berry Interesting

How sweet it is! An excellently simple blend of berry flavors, with the primary flavor of Kiwi Strawberry complimented by regular strawberry and blueberry. A dash of Mad Fruit is what makes this sweet blend interesting indeed.

This is a great combination of flavors vapor production is great on the inhale i get strawberry  on the exhale i get more strawberry  and kiwi and on the end some blue berry  blueberry

Rating 5 Stars

20160503_160535Just Desserts

For the chocolate lovers. Created with a base of hot cocoa and a hint of sweet add ons of honey and caramel.

This is a quite an interesting flavor  it does produce great vapor inhale you get a chocolate flavor its kind of light  exhale you get caramel and some kind of sweetener for me it’s not really an all day vape but i do enjoy it

Rating 4 Stars


Created for Amelia, based on her taste of combining the sweet & sharp taste of cinnamon with the cool flavor of menthol.

This is a fire and ice vape again great vapor production  inhale you get a menthol flavoring it’s not really an ice-cold menthol on the exhale you get a faint taste of cinnamon i dd enjoy this one  the menthol is more like a spearmint menthol  i really took to this one

Rating 5 Stars

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