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we have 8 flavors from TBD Eliquids to test and review  i was impressed with these juices they all produced great vapor production even at low wattage and all was very different in regards to flavor profiles some of which i would have never have selected to normally vape but im glad i got to try them only one flavor from the eight i thought was too much  and a few totally shocked me while one was light on flavor everything is made to order at TBD, but they do put each bottle through a fast-steep process prior to shipment to help ensure that they’re good to go out of the mail. all of Their juice is Diacetyl Free and No/Minimal AP/Acetoin content you can view a lab report for each flavor on it’s product page

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Raspberry Sorbet

Raspberry Sorbet is an excellent blend of Raspberries and Light Cream. Perfect for fruit and dessert lovers alike. More detailed description coming soon.

this is a great fruity vape inhale you get a ripe rich raspberry exhale you get a light cream on the end vapor production is great and has an awesome smell for me this is an all day vape

Rating 5 Stars


God’s Custard

God’s Custard is the newest addition to our custard family. It’s a strong caramel-vanilla custard with dulce de leche drizzled on-top. Then completed with a touch of brown sugar. A custard vape truly fit for the gods themselves. The traditional name for this dessert is a crème caramel.

this is a delicious vape inhale you get the custard flavor  exhale you get more custard with what seems like caramel and a brown sugar topping vapor production is great  the smell was also good

Rating 5 Stars


Strawberry Milk

Strawberry Milk v4 has been in testing for a while. We’re excited to finally have it released to the public! This is a creamier more custard-like version of our strawberry milk. A light strawberry, heavier focus on the cream. More detailed description coming soon.

this is a milk vape and im not big on these milk vapes but i was impressed with this flavor inhale you get the ripe strawberry exhale you get more strawberry and the cereal milk flavor which was really creamy in my opinion and one of the better ones i have tried

Rating 5 Stars



“base” to be, in this case it was Vanilla/Cream itself. I wanted this to be a milkier, less cinnamon-heavy horchata e-liquid. Our secondary flavor is Cinnamon, and the final note being a bit of almond.

this is an amazing vape ive had quite a few of these flavors over time but i haven’t found one that makes me go wow until this one  inhale you get a warm cinnamon flavor exhale you get what seems like a warm milk flavor  vapor production is great and smells amazing  for me this is an all day vape

Rating 5 Stars


Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear is a delightful blend of cactus fruit, strawberry, kiwi, and watermelon. The cactus fruit gives it a unique and enjoyable taste. Easily one of our favorite summertime vapes. Great to fill up a whole tank with and wonder where it all went.

this is a weird flavor combination for me  inhale im getting strawberry Kiwi  exhale im getting a watermelon and something different on the end vapor production is great and smells good just has a weird taste for me not an all day vape

Rating 4 Stars


Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin has been around for quite a while. Originally it was a starter base to make a blueberry cheesecake, but it was just so good on its own that every time I tried to add anything else to it, I always preferred the original base recipe. This is a delicious ripe blueberry vape with a sweet sugary crust. Just like vaping a blueberry muffin!

this is a  blueberry muffin vape inhale you get the rich blueberry flavor exhale you get the muffin cakey flavor and more blueberry on the end  for me this is an all day vape and one i really enjoyed i didn’t find this to be over powered with blueberry and balanced very well

Rating 5 Stars


Pineapple Peach Smoothie

Pineapple Peach Smoothie is one of our longest standing original recipes. Ever since it’s creation it has always been a top seller. A predominant pineapple vape, the added peach sweetens and smooths out the tart pineapple. An excellent all-day-vape, one you can always come back to when you want to switch things up.

this is an overpowering pineapple vape in my opinion inhale you get over powered with pineapple  exhale the pineapple remains dominant you do get a hint of peach on the very end this does seem to have a creamy yogurt feel to it  vapor production is great  but the smell again is so over powering its unreal

Rating 2 Stars


Cap’n Custard

Cap’n Custard is a delicious Strawberry-Vanilla Custard. This is a true dessert flavor with an amazingly satisfying vanilla flavor and a sweet strawberry on the exhale. If you’re a fan of custards you will definitely enjoy this!

this is a great vape this is a cereal crossed with a custard and very enjoyable  inhale you get the cap crunch custard flavor exhale  the same with a light fruit on the end  this is a great flavor one which i enjoyed vapor production is great and smells amazing for me this would be an all day vape after reading the flavor profile this one is very light on the strawberry flavoring

Rating 5 Stars

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