Cera Vape CeraBis Tank Review

i was selected by CeraVape on Facebook to receive the CeraBis tank and review i have two other CeraVape tanks that i love the Soter Subohm Tank and the Hygeia Subohm Tank both use ceramic Coils so i was excited about this one not only does it look sleek and sexy but this one has some cool features which we will discuss below more  this tank excited me when i found out the coils could go over 40w this comes with a 0.5 ohm and a 0.8 ohm coil allowing it to go up to 80w so lets jump on down and see each part of this tank

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20160426_063325 20160426_063255SPECS

  • 4ml
  • 23mm x 63mm
  • Stainless/Pyrex
  • Wick is Food Grade Super Strong NM Ceramic
  • .9Ω/.5Ω coils included
  • Anti-leak, Anti-dry hit, Anti-spitback design
  • Closeable shell is all stainless for added safety
  • Included items: 1 Cerabis tank with pre-installed .9Ω coil, 1 spare .5Ω coil, o-rings and rubber caps, user manual and picture card

20160426_004544 20160426_004551Drip Tip

the drip tip is a standard wide bore 510 drip tip in matching color to the tank made of Delrin you can switch out the tip to suit your needs myself i would have liked a wider bore tip as an option also the tip simply pushes or pulls out of the top cap which screws on to the top of the tank

20160426_00495820160426_004838 20160426_004831Body

the body is a sealed unit as shown in the image to the left the body is one piece so if anything should ever happen to the glass tank you would have to purchase a whole new tank I’m not all keen on this it also makes cleaning a little bit of hassle  you can close of the airflow and juice flow by simply pushing closed so you do not see the glass tank no longer or pulling open to allow juice and air to flow again this is on the stuff side when first opening and closing but once juice has been in for a little while it loosens up some so i suggest holding the base of the tank when opening and closing to prevent damage to your Mod on top of the tank body you have 2 large kidney-shaped  filling holes and in the center chimney you have a flat piece of metal for the spit back guard this can be removed with a pair of needle nose pliers  on the base of the tank body you have a nice coil chimney a cool feature is the coils don’t screw in but rather push into place they have a nice O ring seal to prevent leaking

20160426_004652 20160426_004642 20160426_004723 20160426_004744Base

the base of the tank features 2 air flow slots which have a locking feature in place so it will turn open and stop then close and stop you can not spin the airflow ring  360 degrees you have a protruding pin this pin is not adjustable though the coil threads into the base cap and then pushes into the tank body and screws on


the coils for this tank come in 0.5 ohm and 0.9 ohms depending on which device ou are using i tested on  quite a few devices and each one differed slightly the 0.9ohm coil states the recommended wattage to use in this case its between 30w and 60w where as the spare 0.5 coil head is rated 30w to 80w  these heads have a nice hair flow hole on the bottom of the coil and  quite a large juice flow hole  near the top looking down through the top of the coil you can see the food grade ceramic coil

20160426_062909 Accessories

the cerabis comes with 2 top bottom covers which help prevent the top of the tank burning your lips or to help in gripping the top or bottom of the tank to remove them you also get spare O ring seals for the  coil itself along with a spare gromit for the 510 connection pin


0.5 ohm coil
30w little vapor slight flavor
40w better vapor better flavor
50w good vapor better flavor
60w good vapor  but flavor is dimmed
70w great flavor and vapor
80w whispy vapor and no flavor

0.8 ohm coil
30w little flavor  little vapor
40w good flavor and vapor
50w great vapor and flavor
60w good flavor and vapor

My Opinion  Overall

while this tank looks amazing i did find this tank to have some issues not one i would recommend to anyone to use and if you have tried the other ceramic coil tanks from CeraVape this one is a let down  the 0.5 ohm coil has a mind of its own reading from 0.5 ohms all the way up to 0.8 ohms  it seems to change on its own  im not sure if it is a bad coil or just how this coil was made but the 0.8ohm  pre installed coil i didn’t have any issues running or using and stayed right around 0.8 0.9 ohms  this tank gave me quite a few burnt hits when tank was low / empty they tasted worse than a dry hit on Cotton coils  i didn’t like  not knowing how much juice i had poured into the tank it’s really hard to see how much juice level is on the CreaBis while my video was recorded using and testing this tank it is quite long  but i feel that i covered all the aspects of this tank and coil if anything should change over the 30 days period i will post an update

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