Vape Craft Ejuice Review

so were checking out three flavors from Vape Craft line of juices they have such a wide selection of flavors and at such low prices they are great tasting and awesome for those of us that are on a fixed budget of the three i will be reviewing below i loved the strawberry custard currently priced at $3.00 for 15ml an $15.00 for 120ml

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As always my video review is embedded at the bottom to show vapor production

20160420_054210Strawberry Custard
Strawberry Custard – Awe Can’t beat the classics. This premium e-liquid flavor has been infamous in the vape community. Our strawberry custard features a real strawberry taste with delicious notes of vanilla custard.
This is a really awesome strawberry custard inhale you get the ripe strawberry it a sweet strawberry exhale you get the custard which seems like a rich thick custard and more strawberry on the end vapor production is great for me this is an all day vape
Rating 5 Stars
A splash of flavor from the drink beholden to the Gods as sacred! For millions of years this drink has enriched the youth and has re-vitalized the elder. The Gods have once again given us an extraordinary drink to quench our thirst and better yet our vape. A creamy cinnamon flavored rice milk passing to your lips and touching the tip of your tongue is something your taste buds will crave. Experience a flavor made for the Gods.
 this one i found to be a little on the weird side for me it’s not an all day vape  inhale you get the horchata flavor exhale you get a caramel with a hint of cinnamon  with some honey on the end or sweetener there is a slight perfume aftertaste on this one  vapor production was good but for me not an all day vape
Rating 3 Stars
On a hot Summer day what’s treat do you crave the most. Most people would say a frozen treat. Well our orange creamsicle Popsicle vape juice can fulfill that cravings. It’s not iced, but it’s creamy, orangery, and just plain delicious. You won’t want to miss out on this one. It’s packed with juicy flavor.
 i really enjoy a good orange vape but most are not really an all day vape for me but i found this one to be really enjoyable vapor production was awesome even at 60w  inhale you get the orange flavor exhale you get a cream flavor almost a whipped cream flavor and more orange on the end
Rating 5 Stars

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