Coil Master SEB (SS E-juice Bottle 20ml) Review

So i was sent the Coil Master SEB from Coil Master to test and review for those that don’t know what this is it’s a juice bottle to hold your juice in while on the go to save on carrying glass or plastic bottles around with you it comes with a clip so you  can hook this to your pants or bag. i wore this clipped to my pants while working in the garden and it moved around a little but nothing too bad just like keys hanging on your side  it was a little tricky to unscrew the cap while still attached to my pants but unclasps easy i did accidentally drop this on the ground but it didn’t break i didn’t  experience any leaking at all

1. Stainless Steel Structure
2. Unbreakable
3. Corrosion Free
4. More Convenient
5. 20ml Capacity
6. Snap Hook Portability

20160413_111823Packing List
1 * Coil Master SEB(SS E-juice Bottle)
Material:stainless steel, Built-in PC tube
Size: OD 26 MM Height 91.6 MM
Capacity:20 ml
Drop Speed: 1.25ml/ drop
Weight: N.W. 126 g; G.W.156 g
Hook colors: Silver

20160413_112041 20160413_112059 20160413_112032CAP

the cap simply screws on and off to show the needle tip for filling or dripping featured on top is a belt clip which is on the small side but can be switched out with ease to suit your needs and style

20160413_112006 20160413_112022 20160413_112001TIP

the tip again this can simply unscrew from the bottle to fill with your favorite juice it has a retractable tip that did seem a little stiff when i first got it but after a little use it now retracts with ease

20160413_111856 BOTTLE

The bottle itself has two peek windows on one side it clearly marked with numbers to represent the amount of liquid in the bottle i would have liked one set of numbers to be in reverse so when filling you can see how much is left rather than having to turn it  right side up to view the peek windows are made of PC so i would not recommend storing  Citrus and cinnamon juices in that are known to crack tanks  on the base you have the button to press to release the juice at a drip or steady drip

20160413_111930 20160413_111918BASE

the button can be locked by unscrewing the bottom ring as shown in the image to the right when in this position the juice will nor be able to be dispensed

20160413_112322Overall Opinion

i tested this both filling a 3.5ml tank and dripping onto an RDA  while i found it took quite some time on steady drip pressed all the way in to fill a tank it was easy to fill those thanks that have needle pin filling holes but i found it easier to drip onto my RDA , this is a little on the heavy side especially when filled with juice it has some weight to it i tested this filled with juice laid on its side no leaks ,  standing right way up no leaks , i even stood well-balanced this on its top cap and no leaks . it comes in some great packaging i loved the little velvet bag  i see myself using this when out and about or working around the house as its easy to clip on and off and so easy to drip with out the mess of run back from bottles

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