Cleito SubOhm Tank by Aspire Review

i was sent this Aspire Cleito tank to review from Aspen Valley Vapes  right now its the new big thing and hot and the hype is real about this  tank i am loving this tank i can honestly say  i was on the fence until i actually tried vaping on the Cleito

below as always we will talk about each part of the Cleito and what you get for your money along with my video review linked below showing how this tank vaped i enjoyed the vape on this tank very much i do not recommend this tank to beginners as this is not a mouth to lung hitting tank click images for larger view

20160401_101422DRIP TIP

this is not your regular 510 drip tip it’s actually more like a sleeve that slips over the built-in tip on the top cap as shown below this is not a hard rubber either you can squeeze this between your fingers with ease

20160401_101411 20160401_101402TOP CAP

the Drip Tip sleeve shown above slides over the tip here which is the top cap of the tank  which is removed to fill u the Cleito tank there is not really much grip on the top cap when putting on and off the tank 

20160401_101346GLASS TANK

the glass tanks are made from Pyrex glass and when placed on the tank will hold 3.5 ml of juice

20160401_100900 COILS

the Cleito comes with 2 coils one is 0.2 ohm with a recommended wattage of 55w to 70w and 0.4 ohm recommended wattage of 40w to 60w both coils preformed really well with no issues at all see my coil results from me vaping below and how i rate each coil each coil features three nice large juice slots

20160401_101454 20160401_101443 20160401_101436BASE

the base of the tank features a three nice air flow holes that turns 360 degrees allowing the coil to breath and produce a good amount of vapor the 510 connection fits most devices with ease and no gap  this is not an adjustable center pin connection


included in the packaging is a vape band along with some rubber caps to fit on the top cap for decoration and grip for removing the top cap with ease i went with the  red one but love that i have a choice of colors what i did not see that i expected was spare seal rings  for the glass tank


0.2 Ohm Coil
30w not much flavor or vapor
35w not much flavor or vapor
40w not much flavor or vapor
45w  a little flavor and  a little more vapor
50w a little flavor and  a little more vapor
55w good flavor good vapor
60w  great flavor great vapor Tank getting warm to touch
65w  awesome flavor awesome vapor Tank getting warmer to touch
70w  awesome flavor awesome vapor slight bit of spit back Tank HOT to touch

0.4 Ohm Coil
30w not much flavor or vapor
35w a little flavor and  a little more vapor
40w good flavor good vapor
45w good flavor great vapor
50w great flavor great vapor
55w awesome flavor awesome vapor
60w awesome flavor awesome vapor Tank warm to touch

so how many of you noticed there was no chimney on this tank i bet not many on this tank you are vaping straight of the coil which is giving you a great vape and great flavor in my opinion while i preferred the 0.4 ohm coil over the 02 ohm coil due to the fact on the 0.2ohm coil the actual whole tank go too hot  with out the rubber cap on you would end up burning your lips and the spit back on occasion burns your tongue i normally vape a 0.2 ohm coil on a RDA at 70w but this was a whole different vape it has good flavor and vapor production but i believe there is room for improvement on the 0.2 ohm coil where as the 0.4ohm coil worked perfect no issues running that coil at all at 60w all day long the tank did get warm but not enough to burn your hands when trying to refill it or vape on it i tested this tank with 50/50 juice 80/20 and max VG juices all preformed well while vaping at 60w the juice did not last all that long for me as im a chain vaper  running 45 it did last quite a lot longer the vapor was warm and comfortable for me

you can purchase the Aspre Cleito tank from Aspen Valley Vapes for $29.99

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