Rejected Elixirs Ejuice Review

so this week were checking out Rejected Elixirs E-juice i got 6 of their flavors they have quite a nice selection to pick from with a bunch new flavors coming out
this is a small company and we all know i love to support small business i have to say im quite impressed with some of the flavors from this company and they are reasonably priced also 15ml $6 30ml $10 60ml $16 you just cant go wrong

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so lets get on with the review

20160325_111725Iron Cross Tobacco

A bold blend of Arabic, Burley, and Virginia tobaccos paired up with peanut butter base of sweetness and perfect amount of nuttiness.

this is a great vape for me i really enjoyed this flavor its not a heavy  tobacco and for me this is an all day vape it doesn’t have a heavy tobacco smell either  inhale you get the tobacco flavors exhale you get a sweetness and nutty taste this one i had a hard time putting down i really enjoyed this one its a perfect tobacco flavor sweet yet savory all at the same time

Rating 5 stars


20160325_111651Tripple Thick Chocolate Milkshake

This creation was made for the chocolate lover in mind. A devilish triple layer of chocolate mixed in to our rich creamy milkshake base. Almost too good to be true.

this is a chocolate milkshake flavor and you can smell the chocolate right off  inhale you get the chocolate exhale you get  a creamy chocolate it does not have a milk cereal taste but rather a very creamy ice cream taste vapor production was awesome even at low wattage in a tank or RDA this would be an all day vape for me i really enjoyed this one

Rating 4 Stars


20160325_111731Cherry Bomana

This delectable little morsel, is a delicious cherry taffy. It has a distinctively a different taste from cherry hard candy, has a slightly creamier taste that a good taffy should. This one is definitely a keeper.

this is a cherry vape im not big on cherry vapes but i enjoyed this one very much  inhale you get creamy cheesecake or whipped topping cream exhale you get  the cherry  the cherry is sweet on this one  smelling this flavor you do pick up the cherry more than anything else vapor production again was great but this is not an all day vape for me

Rating 4 Stars


20160325_111642Death Punch Tobacco

This is one only for the tobacco lover. It’s is a sweet blend of tobacco, nuttiness, and a hint of deep caramel topped off with a hint of smokiness, making an all day vape for the tobacco vaper.

this is a great tobacco vape the smell is quite heavy on tobacco it has great vapor and would be an all day vape for me but its not my favorite tobacco blend  inhale you get a tobacco flavor exhale your getting caramel mixed with the tobacco and a smokey wood taste on the end

Rating 4 Stars

20160325_111715Exlier 14

This unique flavor comes from deep inside the elixir lab. On the inhale you have a flavorful toasted almond flavor, on the exhale a deep apricot flavor, and in the middle a vanilla bourbon. An elixir for those who want a change from some of the run of the mill flavors.

this is an pleasant vape an all day vape for me smelling the juice you smell the vanilla bourbon and a hint of apricot Inhale you get a nutty flavor what seems like a almond exhale you get more almond butty flavor and what seems like a vanilla custard with apricot which does seem mild and bourbon on the end vapor production tested in both tank and RDA

Rating 4 Stars

20160325_111659Thunder From Down Under

A delicious take on a staple of anyone’s diet a chocolate donut. This is a perfectly designed donut recipe, so good we use it as a base for other Rejected Elixir’s creations.

this has an amazing smell just from smelling this one you can guess what it is for me im not big on chocolate vapes but this one  threw me for a loop i really enjoying this one inhale you get chocolate flavor exhale your getting a donust flavor and more cream chocolate  on the end  this is an all day vape for me this really tasted like a donut covered in chocolate frosting

Rating 5 Stars

so ill see about these flavors in 30 days and see if they changed over time

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