GWAR E-JUICE GwarY4 Review

so were checking out a new flavor which is GWAR E-JUICE GwarY4 , the ElectricTobacconist sells this for $9.99 for a 30ml currently there is a wide selection of juice to choose from the site is easy to navigate to find what you need


GWARy4 Flavor Profile: Caramel vanilla tobacco

this is a tobacco custard flavored juice the label is not all that easy to read smelling the juice all your smelling is the vanilla custard  this is a 50 / 50 juice and does have great vapor production  inhale i am tasting the rich caramel flavor exhale i am getting the vanilla custard flavor and right on the end of the vape i am tasting the tobacco this is a very mild tobacco flavor  this is more like a pie crust custard for me this would be an all day vape for me the label on this juice is clear with white text which makes it a little hard to read i would have liked the text in a color other than white

Rating 4 Stars

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