Trinity Glass review

i was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the things offered  at Trinity Glass Tanks im not into competitions or anything like that but i do like to be stylish at times and some may even say a show off so i got a few Glass caps and a Few Drip tips to decorate my tanks and RDA’s up below i will talk about each items individuallylogo_sm

20160215_201407[2]Competition Glass Cap

Aeolous Lite, Boom, Dark Horse, Doge V2, Doge V3, Doge X2, GLACIER, Igo-W, Indestructible, Kennedy, Kennedy 24mm., Mutation X v3, Mutation X V4, Nimbus, Patriot, Petri, Royal Hunter, Tactical, Tobh, Torpedo, Troll, Tugboat, Tugboat V3, Twisted Messes, Velocity

i got this for the twisted messed RDA but use it on my 13 Heavens 9 Hells RDA because they are pretty much the exact same size i love being able to see through and check how dirty my coils are or how bad my cotton looks i chain vaped while having this glass cap on my RDA to see if the glass got to hot to touch and it didn’t  i vaped using this cap from 45w all the way up to 180w the higher wattage did  cause the glass to get warm but nothing serious that would burn your lips or hands when removing it the design is perfect and didn’t restrict the vape at all while i was using it

20160215_201526[2]Glass Cap

Boom, Dark Horse, Doge V2, Doge X2, Igo-W, KENNEDY 22mm, Kennedy 24mm, Mutation X v3, Mutation X V4, Nimbus, Patriot, Petri, Royal Hunter, Tobh, Torpedo, Troll, Tugboat, Twisted Messes, Velocity

i got this for the Royal Hunter RDA i had to change out my seals to a fatter seal for a snugger fit for my liking again i love the ease of checking and seeing how my cotton and coils are without having to remove the cap one thing i was not all that keen on with this cap was the small tip  like the wide bore or chuff caps so much more but that is personal preference i loved the added black band on the top of  this cap  but i didn’t like the whistling sound that happens when i vape not only did that annoy me but others around me the glass did not get hot or heat up really bad but did get slightly warm when using it do note i was chain vaping while using it i tested this again from 40w to 180w

20160215_202053[1]20160217_081425[1]Copa Tip

1 Glass Replacement, 2 Glass Replacement, Black, Black Base, Blue, Blue Base, Brass, Brass Base, Copa Metal Tip, O-ring Set, Red, Red Base, SS Base, SS metal Tip, Stainless Steel

this tip gave me a few fits to say the least when i received it came in 3 sections with a bunch of o ring seals i had a fight to get the O ring on the glass and attach to the red base but with a little patience and work i got it all seated in i loved the look of the red with the Glass top just made it look so classy to me it is easy to clean you can get this tip with the red tip also as shown in image to the right

20160215_201539[1]Pyrex Drip Tips

Black, Blue, Brass, Copper, Gun Metal, Pink, Red, Stainless Steal

this tip is the bees knees so classy and elegant looking with it being a 510 drip tip it fits almost all of my tanks that i use which is great i is short but i don’t mind that at all i really liked this tip  the most of the two i received

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