Pre Made Coils Review

20151221_183248[1]so i was kind of lazy and didn’t want to keep building coils so i purchased some pre-made coils from badaBingVape $4.00 and free shipping for 10 1.2 ohm coils running dual coils it comes out at 0.6ohms on my RDA

these coils have a nice wrap as you see they are from Youde Technology they are 28awg kanthal wire as you see they have a nice long tail and have around 10 wraps

you can get these coils in a variety of different Ohms 0.2Ω 0.3Ω and 1.2Ω i know lots of people do not like to use pre-made coils or even the coils that come with the purchase of an RDA but i always test what comes with kits and like these coils they work great i didn’t have any issues installing or using these coils they fired right away

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