Muji Rectangle Cotton Wick

[sg_popup id=”8″][/sg_popup]so I have been using my RDA more lately when trying out new juices and have been using cotton up like no tomorrow because I don’t want to risk mixing flavors by dripping on top of each other  I want juice to be true test so I purchased this bag of Muji Rectangle Cotton Wick cotton squares from GearBest  that shipped from USA warehouse for only $7.67  and i got my order in 4 days  I know some cotton  leaves a funky taste as I found out fast and some cotton just does not work well these squares don’t have any after taste and work really well

I myself split the squares again in half so in fact I ended up with 280 squares of cotton plenty to last me quite some time using an RDA definitely saves on coils for my favorite tanks as you see from featured image above they come in a resealable bag so its easy to keep them clean and organised

20151221_223541[1] 20151221_223558[1]20151221_223313[1]each square measures 2 inches by 2 and a half inches as you see they are quite thick and depending on the size of your coils its tricky to get the full width though your coils this is why i split them in half makes it so much easier and works perfect for my 2mm diameter coils larger diameter coils you don’t have to split them

these Muji squares are not only good for coils but also good for cleaning oil from your face or even make up these can have so many uses and for such a great price with free shipping from USA i did price check before i purchased i checked Amazon eBay and even Googled and GearBest had the cheapest price  most all others shipped from overseas and had a higher price  check for your self if you dont trust


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