Zpal Coral Full & Mini 200w coils review

so were checking out the updated coils for zpals coral tank these coils go from 50 to 200w these are a monster coil i love the design of the coral tank and wished they had other coil options for the lower end watts as well as high-end watts but wow at these coils you can also use the TFV4 coils in this coral tank

Purchase from here :::: https://sites.google.com/a/zpalvape.com/general/
Website ::: http://www.zpaltech.com/
Facebook ::: https://www.facebook.com/zpaltech/?fref=ts

so i haven’t written down yet all the coil temps but i will get those done and add to this post later on my video is below also showing both full size and mini size coral tank images below are for the coral full size as there is no huge difference except the measurements

i loved this tank the full size more than the mini the vapor was just coming to hot to fast for my liking even with all airflow open and low-end wattage the full on the other hand held up really well from low to high  i know over 120w the vapor does start to get too hot for me to handle

20151218_113425Standard 510 bottom connection so fits almost all devices 20151218_113437center pin extrudes slightly for better connection on all devices 20151218_113457Bottom Airflow Control it has 4 slots on either side when you adjust one side all
sides adjust to the same
20151218_113513this is the tip that has dual layers of stainless and acrylic inside 20151218_113906this a tip also features airflow control on the tip itself by turning the bottom ring on the tip
20151218_113616inside look of the base of the tank this is where the coil screws into that has the airflow control on the side 20151218_113649this is the monster 0.2 ohm coil that recommended from 50w to 200w it has multiple juice holes down the coil to prevent dry hits at high wattage 20151218_113701inside look at the coil you see this is a dual vertical coil
20151218_113852the glass body which is made of Quartz not Pyrex like so many other tanks use 20151218_113915this is the top of the tank that screws off to fill the tank and that the tip fits into 20151218_113903this is a side view to show the thickness of the top cover
20151218_113857so the top tank looks like this 20151218_113932the chimney that snugs up to coil and glass body fits to 20151218_113918as you see 2 nice big filling holes in the top of the tank
20151218_113839this is all the parts to the coral tank 20151218_113803top view of all the coral tank parts


  1. Hi beautiful great review did not know that the tf4 coils fit the Coral maybe it won’t drink so much juice I have a tf4 coil so I’ll give it a try I’ll let you know thanks so much for being you and wish you and lil miss blue a blessed Christmas till next time bye.

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