YOLO E-Juice 1 Month Review

30 days after and this juice line remained the same from my first review i really enjoyed 3 of the 4 flavors i was sent you can review my first review here YOLO E-Juice Review im so happy that these did not change KLP and Ringue are my favorite from this line i could vape those all day every day now heat thats more of a prank juice in my eyes unless you like a spicy vape 

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    1. yes i was sick so fell behind in updates i have 5 or 6 more updates to get done yet that i need posting b4 christmas as im not working on christmas day lol

  1. I’m sport hit the wrong button well I have to slow down in buying till after the holidays but I have a list saved up Thanks guys and can’t wait for the next review Merry Christmas

    1. i hear that im same way i need stop buying so much for reviews and start getting items for personal use lol its really adding up in the new year im going to sort through and give some of my reviewed items away

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