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so were reviewing Marsh N Vapes juice i got 6 sample bottles from them to test out their juice is made fresh to order so they will need to be steeped or vaped right away some flavors vary i gave mine a week of steeping plus steeping via postal travel so its been like 2 weeks each flavor i will  write-up below for each flavor i also have video linked below if you dont want to read

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20151217_193035[1]1 oat meal cookie to me this did not quite taste like oatmeal its hard to smell the juice in these type of bottle but I did get some on my fingers to try to smell but it’s not a strong smelling juice this was a weird nice vape you could taste the cookies cake flavor and the other flavor I couldn’t put my tongue on it  not really an all day vape for me but will rate it 3 stars just because it’s a weird flavor  that’s kinda nice lol

2 Cherry Cheesecake this was a really nice flavor you get lots of the cheesecake and a topping of the cherry on exhale again not much of a smell from this flavor but vapor production from these juices is great I really enjoyed this flavor and would say this is an all day vape

20151217_193044[1]3 Banana Custard to me this was a nice vape but the banana seemed a slight bit over powering to me I did enjoy this flavor  but I wouldn’t have this as an all day vape for myself but can vape it on and off  every other day vapor production is great

20151217_193051[1]4 My RY4 i loved this flavor you taste the tobacco and what seemed like honey and Bavarian cream i thought there was 2 types of tobacco in this but all round a very nice flavor I would say for me this is an all day vape

20151217_193056[1]5 Fairy Sperm this was some kind of cinnamon vape it was a nice vape but not an all day vape for me on every other vape it seemed like the cinnamon was a fireball red-hot cinnamon which I don’t mind but this is not something I want to vape all day long

20151217_193107[1]6 Whipped Strawberry this is a very light strawberry vape inhale you don’t get much of a flavor exhale you’re getting cream and a slight strawberry flavor i do like that it’s not an overpowering vape I would say this is an all day vape because it’s so light

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