SYN Premium E-Liquid Review

I won this in a Facebook contest from SYN Premium E-Liquid i was sent CATALYST this is A lush cherry covered in smooth sweet chocolate drenched in liqueur this smells good just like the candy does it is quite a strong smelling vape so i opted to test in my royal hunter style RDA running at 40w it seems like a quite pleasant vape nice amount of vapor inhale you get lots of cherry and liquor exhale you find the chocolate mixed in but it seems to me the liquor flavor is dominant over all  this is not an all day vape to me

so i loaded this into a tank just to test i tested this in my Cera vape Hygeia tank as it has ceramic coils and easier to get flavor out wow the flavor was so strong i could hardly vape it in a tank RDA was fine but a tank is not good vapor was awesome but i couldn’t get past the alcahol flavor was just too much for me i will continue to test and steep with lid off this juice and retest after 30 days or so

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  1. Hi Y333vape you make it sound so good and I’m sure it is but I’m not a chocolate lover this one I’ll pass on thanks for the review any way pease to you and lil miss blue as well Merry Christmas buy

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