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Most all vapor sale items are being posted to the old blog found here
i will post some sale items to this blog but this blog is 98% reviews so if you’re looking to buy new vape gear check out the posts on my other blog
thanks for following me on this journey in the near future i have more items coming for giveaways.

please do not click links from users in comments i have removed some spam links but a few may slip past me if i haven’t posted the link myself beware of phishing links that steal your info

im not a famous reviewer im just an ordinary housewife giving my honest opinion on things I don’t get everything for free i do pay out-of-pocket for most items i review or things i have won from contests
but anyway have a great day Vape On and stay cloudy


  1. Do you get some sort of credit when I click on the link to gearbest via your site? I’m there often so I was just wondering, I’d rather have it benefit someone. Have a great day

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