Galactic Eliquid Review

i was sent Infrared & Ultraviolet to test and review these are not 2 of my favorite  juices i was excited about infrared its a strawberry cream vape and i love most all strawberry vapes these juices are PG free which leaves me to think they use alcohol based flavoring which can have a negative effect on juices but we will see these have some nice labels  easy to ready and all important info shown

you can check out these juices at or on their Facebook page at



this juice smells sweet and sickly on the inhale you can taste strawberry and cream exhale you get strawberry and cream but you have a slight aftertaste of perfume vapor production is awesome its just the aftertaste i dislike the juice was made almost a month ago so it may just need steeping more so we will see when i do my follow up review

Rating 3 Stars


this juice smells like i opened a bottle of perfume i tested this flavor in my RDA because i didn’t want to stain my tanks with this flavor inhale all i tasted was perfume and same on exhale this did produce masses of vapor but the taste was not there at all for me i did not enjoy this i hope after sitting longer it will change

Rating 1 Star

both of these juices are steeping with lids off to air them out to try and get rid of the perfume taste and smell both these juices have been made a while ultraviolet has a born date of 8/29/15 i don’t know why they taste like perfume but i do know most juices that use alcohol based flavors suffer this same problem

so i will follow up later on these juices and let you know if i solved the problem of perfume