1810 Vapors Ejuice 1 month Review

i was sent this line of juice last month to review i loved all these flavors and was so happy that after 30 days this juice did not change one bit they remained the same through out i have my favorites from this line and they are Shakedown Street , Sugar Rush , Chaotic Custard and Utopia there is just something about those that make you want more i didn’t point out in my video about the bottles and how easy they are to squeeze.

you can check out 1810 vapors on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/1810vapors you can also check out my first review Here 1810 Vapors Ejuice Review nothing has changed so i wont be doing a full follow-up  just updating everyone on the news because this is what we expect from a juice to remain the same over a period of time

you can check out my video update below


  1. Thank you Y333vape I would like to try the one that you vaped all of I have to watch again to find out the name of it. Great honest review but you better watch out Miss blue may take over soon with out vaping of course lol you two have a happy Thanksgiving till next time bye

    1. i vaped all of shakedown street its a strawberry banana icecream i enjoyed it so much i couldn’t stop lol , lil miss blue wont ever vape lol or at least i hope she just loves when i get a new item shes helpful and understand it all for a 10 yr old she came home from school to tell me her teacher vapes which is awesome

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