Trademark Ejuice Review

I won this juice from a Facebook contest held on Boulder Vapor House i chose Trademark Ejiuce Flavor Okaloosa as my choice which is an Apricot milk tea with plum the label is great simple waterproof yet contains all the info you need to know this is a really nice vape inhale you get lots of apricot which is very similar to a peach exhale you get more of the milk tea flavor with the apricot and a hint of the plum this is definitely an all day vape nice smooth flavor and produces great vapor on all tanks and RDAs i tested this juice on  it did not work too well in basic MT3 pro-tank clearomizers was a lil too thick for those but worked great on all other tanks i tested on 

you can connect with Boulder Vapor House on Facebook HERE and their site HERE you can check out TradeMark Ejuice HERE


  1. Its great that your involving your daughter in your reviews she’s so adorable its great thank you for the review the juice seems tasty have to put it on my list to try till next time bye

    1. she wont be in many videos as i dont want to come across as promoting to children she just happened to be around when i was recording this juice is on the higher price side but i did enjoy it

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