VaporWerxUSA Coils Review

i was sent these coils from VaporWerxUSA to do a review i received coils for the Triton tank by Aspire and coils for the Kanger Pro-tank II MT3 Evod tanks they have a wide selection of coils to choose from and an easy to navigate website all their coils are made with 100% organic cotton

here is a list of the coils available Kanger Single Coil, Kanger Dual Coil, Kanger Vertical, Kanger Subtank Horizontal, Kanger Vertical Subtank,  Nautilus Vertical, Atlantis Vertical, Atlantis Power Stack, Atlantis Parallel Vertical, Maganus Parallel Vertical, Maganus Power Stack, Arctic Parallel Vertical, Arctic Power Stack,
Herakles Parallel Vertical, Herakles Power Stack,

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the packaging on these coils is nice i love that you can tear off one coil at a time which makes it easy to store coils the box is colorful and provides good information on the coil  i would have liked to see an estimated wattage use for each coil for the new vapers to better understand how high they can go with that particular coil and i would have liked different colored O rings for each Ohm coil so its easier to tell the coils apart as for the prices there is not much of a difference between original and VaporWerxUSA just a few dollars  unless you go with the power stack and parallel one thing is its all Made In USA which for some is a positive thing

Parallel Vertical AP204 Coils

20151110_18211320151110_182220So first up for test are the .05 Ω ohm Vertical parallel Aspire Atlantis, V2, Triton coils. i have 2 Triton tanks so i was able to do a side by side comparison test each tank had a 0.5 ohm coil in both running at 35 watts on Evic Vt as i also have 2 of those flavor wise i didn’t find much of a difference the VaporWerxUSA coil did produce more vapor thought at 35 watts i also noticed that the Triton tank with the VaporWerxUSA coil in  got hotter than the tank with the original Aspire coil in it i was taking 1 puff at a  time of each one to compare i tested these coils from 20 watts up to 50 watts and each result seemed to close to call the only big difference was the vapor production on the VaporWerxUSA coils

Power Stack AP203 Coils

20151110_181522Next i tested the 1.2 Ω ohm Power stack Aspire Atlantis, V2, Triton  coils i didn’t have original 1.2 ohm Ω coils so i couldn’t do a side by side comparison I ran this coil on the evic vt from 10 watts up to 30 watts the draw seemed very light and took a lil longer to heat up to produce a good hit in my opinion I did not like the power stack coils as shown in my image to the right u see the 2 coils stacked on top of each other the draw was easy but took a while longer to heat up to get a really good vape from these coils they did have good vapor for running on low wattage

kanger Single Coil-KR101

20151110_18225820151110_150019Last but not least is the coils for the kanger pro Tank II and MT3 Evod Tanks i was unable to fully test these coils as they do not work in my pro-Tanks or MT3 evod tanks the bottom pin is completely different as shown in image to the right the coils with the red O rings is the VaporWerxUSA coils and original Coil next to it note the bottom pins i tried switching the pins around but the VaporWerxUSA coil pin is larger in size they fit perfectly in both devices but there is no room for the air to flow to create a vape when coil is attached its like having airflow closed

all in all i didn’t really find a really big difference in the coils compared to the original the flavor did seem a slight bit better and the vapor production was better i wasnt very happy about the KR101 coils that was supposed to work on my Pro tank and MT3 but was unable to fully test those i will continue to test and use these coils and do a follow up review later down the line i cant tell you to go out and buy these coils but like everything you should do your own research and check other independent reviews and make the choice yourself

this is my Honest opinion of this product i was not offered a reward nor have i been compensated for anything