Hipster E-Juice Review

I was sent this line of juice to conduct my review
first impressions of this line of juice is design is plain and simple flavor card looks great  i like the simple graphic designs on each bottle to represent each flavor
but as for the bottles they are long  plastic bottles they do not have good child safety caps on them the juice it self smells awesome the flavors really pop right out

Connect with them 

Facebook – @HipsterVapeCo
Twitter  – @VapeRite
Website – www.hipstervapeco.com
Wholesale – ww.vaperitewholesale.com/each juice is linked so you can purchase if you want to try them


  • Packaging –  arrived in a box bottles was surrounded by shredded paper no wiggle room
  • Labels –  Waterproof  , nice bold Nicotine level and pg/vg mix  , warning label at base
  • Bottle – Plastic squeeze bottles not a very good child safety cap
I received the following flavors to try all was tested in a tank and RDA at different temperatures and wattage

Bowler – Costello – Dickey Bow – Fixie – Stache

Bowler – 
This is a Nutty waffles Flavor this reminds me of a custard vape with a almost almond flavor this is a really pleasant vape smooth inhale and exhale on the inhale you get the thick creamy waffle creamy flavor and on the exhale you get the nutty taste its not over powering this has a great smell and the flavor is awesome the vapor production is good even at low watts this is a max VG blend this is defiantly an all day vape for me this would go with anything 
Rating 5 stars
This is a Mixed fruit with Lemon Lime i really enjoyed this flavor it was almost like having a drink of sprite or eating smarties candy or a lemon airhead it even seemed like it fizzed in my mouth afterwards it has a great sweet flavor from the mixed fruit which seems like a little strawberry in it great flavor all round on this one the inhale you really taste the lemon lime and on the exhale you get a sudden burst of different flavors excellent vapor production this is a max VG blend and is possibly another all day vape from this brand
Rating 5 stars


This is a tropical fruit & Earl gray tea flavor this is quite a nice juice you can really taste the tea in this flavor and the pineapple in the tropical fruit along with some blood orange and some kiwi  the tea is most prominent in this flavor on the inhale you really taste the tea and on the exhale you get the fruit with the tea this has a good smell and great vapor production this is a max VG blend
Rating 4 stars
Fixie – 
This is a Pineapple Strawberry Watermelon mix i was skeptical about this flavor because im not big on watermelon flavors but wow this was a really nice vape you taste the strawberry and pineapple the most and only a hint of watermelon this is a great combination of flavors and balanced very well so if your like me and don’t do watermelon this is a must try you will be surprised the smell of this juice is very pleasant awesome vapor production even at low wattage max VG blend 
Rating 5 stars
This is a  Blueberry & Peach mix flavored juice on this one i really like that the peach was most prominent this juice had a really great flavor profile you taste the blueberry but its very mild on the inhale you get a hint of both blueberry and peach and exhale you really taste the peach the vapor production was excellent  and the flavor just lingers in your mouth for a while making you want even more the smell of this juice you really smell more peach than anything else this is a max VG juice and this would defiantly be an all day vape
Rating 5 stars



the orange paper in images was what was packed around the juice for shipping

i really liked that this line was not appealing to the younger generation but i don’t think the caps was very good at being child safety

I enjoyed these flavors from This E-Juice Line some more than others

This Juice Produced good vapor in all tanks even at low wattage
so now these 5 bottles are going into a cool dark lonely spot for 30 days to steep and mature 
Over the next 30 days i will continue to test this juice and post a review after 30 days
you cant get to fully know a juice until you have vaped it for a while
My recommendations for this juice line is
Stache – Costello – Fixie
This is my honest personal opinion
I understand not every has the same taste so please check other reviews or try for your self 
I was NOT paid or offered a reward for doing these reviews
If you want your Vaping Products reviewed Drop me a E-Mail at y333vape@gmail.com