YOLO E-Juice Review

I was sent this line of juice to do a review on one thing that stands out with this line of juice is the label its a controversy label which could be appealing to kids the with bold colors and a candy look to them
when opening the box it looked like a party in a box

Connect with them

Facebook – @yololiquid
Twitter  – @VapeRite
Website – www.hipstervapeco.com
Wholesale – ww.vaperitewholesale.com/each juice is linked so you can purchase if you want to try them

  • Packaging –  arrived in a box bottles was surrounded by shredded paper no wiggle room
  • Labels –  waterproof shows nic level PG/VG Mix warning label bold graphic and juice name
  • Bottle – clear glass bottle each with its own dropper cap 
I received the following flavors to try all was tested in a tank and RDA at different temperatures and wattage 

Heat – KLP – RawNana – Ringue


This is a banana cream & ripe strawberries yogurt. Vape
this is a pleasant vape on the inhale you taste the banana and strawberry which is a good balance neither seems to over power the other on the exhale you get the same but the banana does stick around for a while this is a very sweet creamy vape this is an all day vape 

Rating 5 stars



This is a lemon meringue yogurt Vape
this is a strong lemon vape you smell the lemon on opening the bottle on the inhale you get a really sweet creamy lemon flavor and exhale is the same the lemon does stick around for a while in your mouth this did produce great vapor production and is an all day vape 

Rating 5 stars



This is a Key Lime Pie Yogurt vape
i enjoyed this vape this has a great smell you can smell the lime as soon as you open the bottle on the inhale you taste the lime which is creamy on the exhale you get the lime  with more of the creamy yogurt this produced great vapor this is an all day vape

Rating 5 stars

This is a Habañero and Mango vape
i did not enjoy this vape the smell of this one smells very spicy and tastes spicy with out the heat of the actual peppers the mango is present but to me this is not a good vape i don’t know who would want to vape peppers it did produce good vapor though  i just did not enjoy the flavor of this one
on the inhale you get the spicy Habañero with a hint of mango on the exhale its all Habañero this is not an all day vape

Rating 1 star

my daughter came home from school and saw these she is only 10 and was immediately attracted to this until she realized they was new ejuices
shes knows better than to mess with them but the fact the colors was so bod and attractive  brought her in closer it makes you wonder about younger children that don’t know
i would like to see the label change on this line maybe a smaller graphic and the juice name larger my daughter said the graphic looks like candy 

I enjoyed these flavors from This E-Juice Line some more than others

This Juice Produced good vapor in all tanks even at low wattage
so now these 5 bottles are going into a cool dark lonely spot for 30 days to steep and mature 
Over the next 30 days i will continue to test this juice and post a review after 30 days
you cant get to fully know a juice until you have vaped it for a while
My recommendations for this juice line is
KLP – RawNana
This is my honest personal opinion
I understand not every has the same taste so please check other reviews or try for your self 
I was NOT paid or offered a reward for doing these reviews
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