Ten Titans E-juice Review

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You wont be disappointed by the god from Ten Titans Ejuice

 I was sent these juice to do a review on from a contest on their twitter page
i received the following juices

  1. Ares 
  2. Hades  
  3. Kronos 
  4. Medusa 
  5. Zeus 

Packaging – this arrived in a box was no room left in box for anything to move around
Bottle are clear frosted glass and comes with its own dropper top
Label is waterproof so if juice spills it wont smudge shows nicotine mg  does not state PG / VG mix shows nicotine level  born date batch id along with basic warning label and ingredients


this is a fruity cereal flavor that reminds me of fruit loops this is not overly sweet but is just right on the sweetness it almost has a fizzy sensation on exhale this is a very nice vape smooth on inhale and exhale if you love fruity cereals you will love this flavor this has a great smell

I give this 5 stars
to me this is a ADV
PG 20  / VG 80   Nic 3mg


This is a fruity Pebbles vape very similar to Ares it just lacks the fizzy sensation this is not overly sweet in fact its the opposite i think its a little more on the sour side but only slightly. this has a great inhale and exhale and a awesome smell to this juice 
I give this 5 stars
to me this is a ADV
PG 20  / VG 80   Nic 3mg


This is a creamy milk vape it smells amazing i wish we had smell o vision so you could smell it.  On first vape i was pleasantly surprised on how creamy this was its sweet but not overly sweet it reminds me of having a bowl of frosted flakes and the sugary milk that’s left at the bottom of the bowl is exactly what this tastes like.this is something i could vape all day with out getting sick of it
I give this 5 stars
to me this is a ADV
PG 20  / VG 80   Nic 3mg


This is a mango vape its got a great mango flavor almost too fresh of a mango flavor its bold yet subtle at the same time. on opening the bottle you can smell the mango its not overpowering its balanced very well. 
this is not something i could vape all day long though
I give this 4 stars
to me this is not a ADV
PG 20  / VG 80   Nic 3mg


This is a green apple and sweet and sour candy apple tart vape. the apple is  very prominent in this juice flavor you get a hint of sour but nothing much on the inhale its a sweet apple taste but on the exhale a little of the sour pops up its a smooth vape just not me for this flavor.this juice has a pleasant aroma
Apple lovers will love this flavor

I give this 3 stars
to me this is not a ADV
PG 20  / VG 80   Nic 3mg

I enjoyed all these flavors from Ten titans E-Juice some more than others 
This Juice Produced good vapor in all tanks even at low wattage
Over the next 30 days i will continue to test this juice and post a review after 30 days
you cant get to fully know a juice until you have vaped it for a while

My recommendations for this juice line is


keep an eye on this company for more surprises to come  in the very near future

To Stock This E-Juice Line Contact 
Adrian E-Mail Adrian@titansejuice.com Or call 504-641-0294
Use Code Y333Vape so they know who  Referred you
Visit on twitter and let them know you found them from Y333Vape

ADV = All Day Vape

i use a 5 star rating
5 stars Great Juice
1 Star Bad juice

Juice was Tested in the following

IPV4S 70w & Aspire Triton Tank
Aspire Pegasus & Kanger Sub mini Tank
Sigeli Elite Tank II & Eleaf Istick 40W

This is my honest personal opinion
I understand not every has the same taste so please check other reviews
I was NOT paid or offered a reward for doing these reviews

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