The Usual Suspects Review

 The Usual Suspects


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Packaging – this arrived in a bubble wrap enveloper juice was in a plastic envelope not much protection from damage in mail


Black Widow

this is a strawberry tropical mix it has a great smell it kind of tastes like its has mango peach pineapple mixed in this is actually a really nice mix of flavors nothing about this flavor is overpowering its a rich mix an not something everyone will like
i thought this was a great mix on inhale you taste the strawberry very well and exhale you get  pineapple mango peach
its a very smooth inhale and exhale

I give this 5 stars
to me this is a ADV

PG   / VG   Nic 3mg

Don Pablo

this is a lemon lime mix
i thought this had a great smell right on opening the bottle on my first taste of this juice i thought it tasted almost fizzy like a lemon sherbert or fizzy lemonade both inhale and exhale was great for this juice not at all what i was expecting when i read it was a lemon juice i was expecting bitter or sour but this is a sweet juice and a must try

I give this 5 stars
to me this is a ADV

PG   / VG   Nic 3mg

El Chapo

this is a juice i was skeptical on trying because of the watermelon
this is watermelon mixed with green apple it smells quite good and tasted great  the watermelon was on the mild side
which was good for me it has a great smooth inhale and exhale on exhale you taste a slight bit of watermelon and lots of green apple

I give this 4 stars
to me this is a ADV

PG   / VG   Nic 3mg


this is a strawberry lychee mix it has a great smell to this juice
this is a very good mix of strawberry and lychee well balanced has a great smooth in hale and exhale you dont really taste too much strawberry but you do taste the lychee its not overpowering and is nice and smooth on inhale and exhale

I give this 5 stars
to me this is a ADV

PG   / VG   Nic 3mg


this is a mixed fruit juice
to me it reminds me of a tutti frutti juice has a powerful smell from bottle
its not a horrible vape but it is something of a acquired taste its smooth inhale and exhale every draw i took on this flavor it made me cough
it was like it was drying my throat out

I give this 2 stars
to me this is not a ADV

PG   / VG   Nic 3mg

Tijuana Donkey Show

this is a cappuccino and creamy coconut mix
to me this does not have a strong coffee taste or smell you do taste some mild coconut
i was hoping for a really great coffee flavor from this juice but it lacked the coffee taste all together
to me this juice smells more like a tobacco flavor

I give this 3 stars
to me this is not a ADV

PG   / VG   Nic 3mg

Bottle are clear glass and comes with its own dropper top

Label is waterproof so if juice spills it wont smudge shows nicotine mg  does not state PG / VG mix warning and ingredients is hard to read in the red text should have been in white

My recommendations for this juice line is
Black Widow
Don Pablo

ADV = All Day Vape
this juice will be tested again in 30 days to see if flavor of juice improved or got worse over time

I received this juice for the purpose of reviewing and giving my honest personal opinion
i use a 5 star rating
5 stars Great Juice
1 Star Bad juice

Juice was Tested in the following Tanks Clearmizers
Kanger Pro-Tank II , basic Clearmizer , MT3 Mini Pro Tank , Tugboat RDA
Tested on the following Batteries
Ego pen , Ego X7 , Ego X6 , Eleaf Istick 40w

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