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 Dig Juice


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Twitter @JuiceDig
InstaGram https://instagram.com/digjuice/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009447793105
Website – www.digjuice.com

Packaging – this arrived in a box packaged inside a cool plastic paint can juice was secured in a foam holder for juice



This has a pleasant smell nothing that knocks you off your feet
it tastes pretty good you can taste the apple but its not a strong taste its a pleasant inhale and exhale
does not leave a aftertaste like some apple juices do this is not an ADV but it is something i could vape most day

I give this 4 stars
to me this is a ADV

PG 30 /VG 70 Nic 0mg


Fat Lady

this is a creamy strawberry mix with a creamy taste almost like a strawberry milkshake
the strawberry is not overpowering it has a great balance of flavors not a really sweet strawberry taste its kind of mild
both inhale and exhale are smooth it has a great smell right from the bottle

I give this 5 stars
to me this is a ADV

PG 30 /VG 70 Nic 0mg

Freak Show

this is a watermelon mint mix
i was seriously skeptical of trying this flavor because of the watermelon as im not over-struck on watermelon  flavors
but i did and wow i was shocked i actually loved this flavor you don’t taste much of the watermelon but you are hit with an awesome cool mint
it smells great the inhale you get a slight watermelon flavor on exhale the mint hits you not over powering but  tastes almost like an ice mint cools throat nice

I give this 5 stars
to me this is a ADV

PG 30 /VG 70 Nic 0mg

Whirley Bird

this has a great sweet smell from the bottle and the taste is just as sweet this is a funnel cake mix
this tastes so sweet you would expect a toothache from it after a while it tends to get a little bit on the sickly side
its a great smooth inhale and exhale if you love sweet juices this is a must for you

I give this 4 stars
to me this is not a ADV

PG 30 /VG 70 Nic 0mg

Bearded Lady

this is a grape flavored juice it almost reminds me of grape flavored sherbert from pixie sticks
the smell is awesome for this juice
its grape mixed with  chocolate the chocolate is very mild you don’t really taste it
this is something you just want to keep vaping

I give this 5 stars
to me this is a ADV

PG 30 /VG 70 Nic 0mg

Bottle Glass clear bottle with own dropper top

Label has basic warning and ingredients listed shows nicotine level along with PG / VG mix web address nice graphic and water proof label so if juice runs down label it wont smudge

over all i was very happy with these flavor of juices
my recommendations are

Bearded Lady
Freak Show
Fat Lady

Dig juice also sent me a T-Shirt which was so cool

i love the graphic on this shirt

ADV = All Day Vape
this juice will be tested again in 30 days to see if flavor of juice improved or got worse over time

I received this juice for the purpose of reviewing and giving my honest personal opinion
i use a 5 star rating
5 stars Great Juice
1 Star Bad juice

Juice was Tested in the following Tanks Clearmizers
Kanger Pro-Tank II , basic Clearmizer , MT3 Mini Pro Tank , Tugboat RDA
Tested on the following Batteries
Ego pen , Ego X7 , Ego X6 , Eleaf Istick 40w

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This is my honest personal opinion
I understand not every has the same taste so please check other reviews
I was NOT paid or offered a reward for doing these reviews

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