Temptation & 5Trails Ejuice by CCVapes Review

Temptation & 5Trails Ejuice by CCVapes Review

were back with two more flavors from CCVapes i know a lot of you think this juice is over priced but for quality juice it really is worth that little extra i More »

Nobleman Ejuice by Smoke & Dagger Review

Nobleman Ejuice by Smoke & Dagger Review

today were checking out Nobleman from the New Line of Juice from Smoke & Dagger i chose nobleman to try as it was a tobacco vape and i love tobacco vapes i received More »

VanVal Vapors Ejuice Review

VanVal Vapors Ejuice Review

We are checking out a line of juice today from VanVal Vapors i received the sample pack to try the whole line and wow im in love with 2 of their flavors More »

G Vapers Juice Co Ejuice Review

G Vapers Juice Co Ejuice Review

We are taking a look at a few flavors from G Vapers Juice Co you can get these in 30ml  60ml or 120ml bottles at reasonable prices i vaped these flavors from 0.15 ohm More »


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Tsunami Quake 50w Box Mod Review


were checking out the Quake box mod today from Tsunami Premium Vapor which comes in a variety of colors and would be the perfect fit for any new vaper or those that want a discreet mod for on the go i managed to run a few different tanks on this mod along with a few RDA’s also and didn’t face any problems  the mod preformed really well during my use and testing  i used this mod  for a while to see if any issues popped up and i  could only find one problem

connect with Tsunami Premium Vapor

website – http://www.tsunamiecig.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/tsunamipremiumvapor
Twitter – https://twitter.com/TsunamiPremiumV
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tsunamipremiumvapor

CigGo T200 TC Box Mod Review


today we are looking at the Ciggo T 200w Box Mod again this one follows suit on design from the CigGo T50 TC Box Mod CigGo T75 TC Box Mod and the CigGo T100 TC Box MOD Review  i didn’t find much wrong with this mod apart from the ohms reading other than that it preformed very well see below and watch this mod in action in my video you can get this mod in blue grey or pink and you can get different colored face plates for this mod like the 75w you can mix and match and switch things up some to suit your needs and style

CigGo T200 Contains:

  • 1 X CigGo T200 Temperature Control Box Mod (Battery Sell Separately)
  • 1 X Cleartank RBA Temperature Control Tank
  • 1 X Extra Kanthal A1 Coil (0.5Ω,For VW MODE)
  • 1 X Manual

CigGo T100 TC Box MOD Review


today were taking a look at the CigGo T100 TC Box MOD you can get this mod in a variety of colors blue pink and grey but don’t get your hopes too high yet i feel for this mod its way under powered and performs almost like the 50w mod we recently reviewed here CigGo T50 TC Box Mod but does not seem to have the power of the 75w we reviewed here CigGo T75 TC Box Mod that uses external batteries while this mod preformed pretty well with the included tank it failed when using any other  tank or rda on this one so lets dive on down and talk about this mod some more

CigGo T Contains:

  • 1X CigGo T100 Temperature Control MOD
  • 1X Cleartank T Temperature Control Atomizer(Kanthal Coil 0.5ohm build-in For VW MODE)
  • 1X NI200 Nickel Coil Head (0.2ohm For TC MODE)
  • 1X Micro USB cable
  • 1X SS drip tip + 3 orings
  • 1X 510 connect (for drip tip)
  • 1X Gift Box Packaging

CigGo T75 TC Box Mod


today were looking at the CigGo T75 TC Box Mod just like the CigGo T50 TC Box Mod it features the same design apart from the rubber coating i love that this mod allows you to switch face plates out to suit your own style although right now the face plates are limited to a few colors only pink blue and silver we have the 100w also coming up for review so stay tuned i feel this would be a great starter kit for most but still feel as if there could be a few improvements

CigGo T75 Contains:

  • 1 X CigGo T75 Temperature Control Box Mod (Battery Sell Separately)
  • 1 X Cleartank RBA Temperature Control Atomizer
  • 1 X Extra Kanthal A1 Coil (0.5Ω,For VW MODE)
  • 1 X Manual.

CigGo T50 TC Box Mod


we are taking a look at the  CigGo T50 TC Box Mod this is a very light weight mod and compact also  i was surprised on the weight of this device and with a built-in 2500mah battery also the CigGo T50 comes in 3 different colors blue grey and pink/purple and comes with a tank also to match this feels good in the hand with the design of it

CigGo T50 Contains:

  • 1 X CigGo T 50 Temperature Control Mod
  • 1 X Cleartank T Temperature Control Atomizer
  • 1 X Micro USB Charger
  • 1 X Extra Kanthal A1 Coil
  • 1 X User Manual

so lets take this  apart and see whats all about it video review is at the bottom

Koopor plus 200w review


were looking at the koopor 200w mod i have had this for a while and use it every day its one of my favorite mods to use it is a heavy weight mod and has some nice weight in the hand not as light as most new mods on the market today but its a strong contender so lets jump on down and take a look at this mod that i love and find out where you can get one i own two of them if you haven’t noticed in my video reviews i haven’t had any issues even after months of using them  

Eleaf Istick 100w TC Review


i was sent  this Eleaf Istick 100w TC for Review from Aspen Valley Vapes this is a great affordable device with enough power to handle most Tanks and RDAs without any issues this can be upgraded to 120w via a simple app downloadable from Eleaf site.

This Mod can be used in wattage mode Temperature mode with NI TI SS coils and also features three memory modes you have the option to lock the firing side of the device also via a simple flick of a switch on top of the mod to prevent accidental firing when holding or if you have this mod in a pocket or bag

so lets jump on down and talk about each section of this mod and try to break it all down for you click images for a larger view

Elephone 70W TC Box Mod Review


i purchased this Elephone ELE P70-LAISIMO 70W TC Box Mod from GearBest because i loved the look of this device and it was reasonably priced at the time my only fault i can find with this mod is the lack of ventilation for the battery i found if i ran this at full power 70w for a long period of time the battery got quite warm this is not a device to chain vape on its more of a show device in my opinion  while running at 30 to 50w the battery did not get warm and it did perform quite well in both power mode and in TC mode which i don’t use all that much i tested this device with my Royal hunter RDA and my Aspire Triton tank

KVP 200W Box Mod review


i was sent this KVP 200W Box Mod from GearBest for the purpose of reviewing i did do a search myself but at the time did not find any reviews n this device so i decided i would do one overall this is a very light weight device even with 2 18650 batteries installed

this comes in a box that has a pull out side draw inside the box you get the mod and manual only so below we will take a close look at this mod and how it performs on daily usage i know that GearBest site listed this as a TC mod but this one is in fact not a TC device


ModVapa Box TC 70w Review


so were going to be taking a look at the Box TC 70w box mod from Modvapa overall its a simple looking mod small in dimensions and very lightweight after using this device for a while i really liked it for its simplicity and ease of use however there is a few things im not all that keen on which we will talk about more below as we walk through each part of the mod and its features and functions i would like to see a few changes in future mods from this company to make it much easier to use


Ohm Hexohm Style v3 150W Box Mod Update review


its been past 30 days and time for an update on this device for the price of this device it’s really a great mod the only issues I have with this mod is the magnets on the battery cover like to collect anything that’s magnetic that’s around it this is not really a device for a beginner but is a great device for someone that’s been vaping for a while and wants a high-powered mod at a low price
I ran multiple tanks and RDA’s on this mod testing it out i tried coils from 0.2ohm up to 1.2 ohm as I didn’t have higher ohm coils but all preformed well

below you can see my video and this in action i also show how the magnets stick to things