Temptation & 5Trails Ejuice by CCVapes Review

Temptation & 5Trails Ejuice by CCVapes Review

were back with two more flavors from CCVapes i know a lot of you think this juice is over priced but for quality juice it really is worth that little extra i More »

Nobleman Ejuice by Smoke & Dagger Review

Nobleman Ejuice by Smoke & Dagger Review

today were checking out Nobleman from the New Line of Juice from Smoke & Dagger i chose nobleman to try as it was a tobacco vape and i love tobacco vapes i received More »

VanVal Vapors Ejuice Review

VanVal Vapors Ejuice Review

We are checking out a line of juice today from VanVal Vapors i received the sample pack to try the whole line and wow im in love with 2 of their flavors More »

G Vapers Juice Co Ejuice Review

G Vapers Juice Co Ejuice Review

We are taking a look at a few flavors from G Vapers Juice Co you can get these in 30ml  60ml or 120ml bottles at reasonable prices i vaped these flavors from 0.15 ohm More »


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i have been vaping now for over 3 yrs going on 4 years and watched how the vape industry has change over the years i will do my part to fight for our rights to vape 

Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner


i was sent this Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner to review i had my eye on one of these Ultrasonic Cleaner  for a while i have a lot of RDA’s and tanks that i use for reviews and with the amount of juice they get run though them daily you can imagine how dirty they can get specially from flavors i don’t care for or strong flavors such as cinnamon or  red-hots  they tend to stick to devices hard but a simple 3 minute bath and all is good i do run items twice or more if they are really dirty a process that used to take around 40 to 60 mins weekly cleaning can now be done in less time

you can buy this Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner for $29.99 

Coil Master SEB (SS E-juice Bottle 20ml) Review


So i was sent the Coil Master SEB from Coil Master to test and review for those that don’t know what this is it’s a juice bottle to hold your juice in while on the go to save on carrying glass or plastic bottles around with you it comes with a clip so you  can hook this to your pants or bag. i wore this clipped to my pants while working in the garden and it moved around a little but nothing too bad just like keys hanging on your side  it was a little tricky to unscrew the cap while still attached to my pants but unclasps easy i did accidentally drop this on the ground but it didn’t break i didn’t  experience any leaking at all

update RX200w to 250w


so late last night Wismec came out with 3.10 update for the Reuleaux RX200 which ups the wattage from 200w to 250w while this is a simple update via windows or mac while this may sound like an awesome things i do want every RX200w owner to take into consideration the batteries you are running in your device with more power comes more battery safety concerns make sure that the batteries you are using will be able to handle such high wattage if you should run that high this update is not needed as critical but as just a way to have more power if needed to update follow this link

below is a few screen shots of the simple update on windows

Trinity Glass review


i was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the things offered  at Trinity Glass Tanks im not into competitions or anything like that but i do like to be stylish at times and some may even say a show off so i got a few Glass caps and a Few Drip tips to decorate my tanks and RDA’s up below i will talk about each items individuallylogo_sm

Tesiyi 18650 batteries Review


i was sent this set of Tesiyi batteries to test and review from  www.whatyouvape.com i tested these in a number of devices i own even a side by side comparison between another set of 40A i own while these preformed well while vaping i did find that in some devices on high wattage these didn’t seem to have enough power to handle it and seemed like the vape was restricted but in devices lower than 120 watts these preformed the same as any other set 

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Most all vapor sale items are being posted to the old blog found here http://y333vape.blogspot.com
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thanks for following me on this journey in the near future i have more items coming for giveaways.

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12cm Christmas Crystal Tree Colorful Changing LED

20151129_15372920151129_153715i know this is not vape related but i wanted to review this 12cm Christmas Crystal Tree Colorful Changing LED that i purchased from GearBest for lil miss blue for her bedroom its a lot smaller than i was expecting it measures just over 4 inches high it changes all different colors

for its size it is quite bright it has a sticky pad on the bottom so you can stick it anywhere you want  my daughter stuck it to her wall she absolutely loves it 

Thank You For Following

I have been working on getting the new site all set up i did fall behind on a few update reviews but i plan to catch up on those this week i want to thank everyone for following and supporting me i will always be honest in my reviews and try to find the best deals an coupons my sponsors have to offer and post those for you i appreciate every one of you as you know some of my sponsors have had some great contests for you some of which are still going on so always check the contests tab at the top of the page

Best vape Products for You ?

so i get lots of emails and messages on twitter and Facebook asking what would be the best device for them the simple answer is i don’t know vaping is all about personal preference and choice what i like and love you could hate and dislike very much just remember you do not have to follow the crowd and get the latest and newest and most popular items as with vaping it seems every other week something new is coming out get what you like the look of after all you are the one that is going to be using this device i can recommend items only i am by no means telling you that you should buy the items