Temptation & 5Trails Ejuice by CCVapes Review

Temptation & 5Trails Ejuice by CCVapes Review

were back with two more flavors from CCVapes i know a lot of you think this juice is over priced but for quality juice it really is worth that little extra i More »

Nobleman Ejuice by Smoke & Dagger Review

Nobleman Ejuice by Smoke & Dagger Review

today were checking out Nobleman from the New Line of Juice from Smoke & Dagger i chose nobleman to try as it was a tobacco vape and i love tobacco vapes i received More »

VanVal Vapors Ejuice Review

VanVal Vapors Ejuice Review

We are checking out a line of juice today from VanVal Vapors i received the sample pack to try the whole line and wow im in love with 2 of their flavors More »

G Vapers Juice Co Ejuice Review

G Vapers Juice Co Ejuice Review

We are taking a look at a few flavors from G Vapers Juice Co you can get these in 30ml  60ml or 120ml bottles at reasonable prices i vaped these flavors from 0.15 ohm More »


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Coil Master Coils & Wires


we have a whole bunch of wire and coils to review from Coil Master nickel stainless steel and kanthal i have been in build heaven over the last few weeks testing and playing with the wire while i currently don’t do the real fancy builds i do love to learn and try those out to the best i can after all practice does make perfect so below we will talk about all the wires and builds that coil master has to offer for your vaping experience and how i thought they preformed when comparing to wire i normally use like with anyone learning to build coils a good knowledge of ohms law is the key along with a good ohms reader you can use your mod for this but not recommended you can use apps and sites like Steam-Engine to help with your build

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LeCig Ceramic RDA Coils


we are checking out LeCig  line of Ceramic Coils for RDAs these are the first ceramic coils i have used in a RDA i have used them in tanks and haven’t had any issues but this is a whole new ball game for me below you will see  my pictures along with notes of my own experiences tips pros and cons along with a side by side video of ceramic and cotton video showing the difference

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Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner


i was sent this Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner to review i had my eye on one of these Ultrasonic Cleaner  for a while i have a lot of RDA’s and tanks that i use for reviews and with the amount of juice they get run though them daily you can imagine how dirty they can get specially from flavors i don’t care for or strong flavors such as cinnamon or  red-hots  they tend to stick to devices hard but a simple 3 minute bath and all is good i do run items twice or more if they are really dirty a process that used to take around 40 to 60 mins weekly cleaning can now be done in less time

you can buy this Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner for $29.99 

Pre Built Coils Chain Ribbon and Twisted


were checking out some pre made coils today that you can buy from BadaBingVape soon each set i put onto a different RDA to see how they preformed below is images of the coils before and after installed and after a day of vaping on them

they preformed really well even after using them for a week and cleaning and having many different types of juice on them my favorite was the ribbon twisted coils for me i found them to have amazing flavor and great vapor production even at low-wattage

get 10% off on orders over $20 at http://badabingvape.com coupon code Y333VAPE No Expiration date

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Coil Master SEB (SS E-juice Bottle 20ml) Review


So i was sent the Coil Master SEB from Coil Master to test and review for those that don’t know what this is it’s a juice bottle to hold your juice in while on the go to save on carrying glass or plastic bottles around with you it comes with a clip so you  can hook this to your pants or bag. i wore this clipped to my pants while working in the garden and it moved around a little but nothing too bad just like keys hanging on your side  it was a little tricky to unscrew the cap while still attached to my pants but unclasps easy i did accidentally drop this on the ground but it didn’t break i didn’t  experience any leaking at all

update RX200w to 250w


so late last night Wismec came out with 3.10 update for the Reuleaux RX200 which ups the wattage from 200w to 250w while this is a simple update via windows or mac while this may sound like an awesome things i do want every RX200w owner to take into consideration the batteries you are running in your device with more power comes more battery safety concerns make sure that the batteries you are using will be able to handle such high wattage if you should run that high this update is not needed as critical but as just a way to have more power if needed to update follow this link

below is a few screen shots of the simple update on windows

Trinity Glass update review


i was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the things offered  at Trinity Glass Tanks im not into competitions or anything like that but i do like to be stylish at times and some may even say a show off so i got a few Glass caps and a Few Drip tips to decorate my tanks and RDA’s up

ive used these on and off over the last month thrown them around my desk when not in use and really gave them a work out and they have held up really well no cracks scratches and easy to clean 

Trinity Glass review


i was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the things offered  at Trinity Glass Tanks im not into competitions or anything like that but i do like to be stylish at times and some may even say a show off so i got a few Glass caps and a Few Drip tips to decorate my tanks and RDA’s up below i will talk about each items individuallylogo_sm

Tesiyi 18650 batteries Review


i was sent this set of Tesiyi batteries to test and review from  www.whatyouvape.com i tested these in a number of devices i own even a side by side comparison between another set of 40A i own while these preformed well while vaping i did find that in some devices on high wattage these didn’t seem to have enough power to handle it and seemed like the vape was restricted but in devices lower than 120 watts these preformed the same as any other set 

Dark Horse RDA review Giveaway


i dont know who sent me this gift but i am thankful to try and review this item i do not recall winning this in a contest but i could be wrong i have a sneaky feeling whom this win was from but not 100% sure so i dont feel its right to mention names in case its from someone else so lets talk about the little dark horse RDA mine has the  gold colored airflow bad it does measure 22mm diameter

this does not pull apart like so many other RDA’s you have to unscrew each part to dismantle or alter airflow which can be a pain in the ass at times even to change drip tips you have to unscrew the wide bore chuff cap to screw in the drip tip adapter to use your favorite 510 style tip below i will highlight each part of this RDA and walk though this as we go or just watch my video

VaporWerxUSA Coils 1 Month Review


so i have been using these coils now though out the month that i was sent from VaporWerxUSA to do a review i received coils for the Triton tank by Aspire  they have a wide selection of coils to choose from and an easy to navigate website all their coils are made with 100% organic cotton after 30 days there was no real change in the review the VaporWerxUSA coils did last maybe a week longer than the original coils

here is a list of the coils available Kanger Single Coil, Kanger Dual Coil, Kanger Vertical, Kanger Subtank Horizontal, Kanger Vertical Subtank,  Nautilus Vertical, Atlantis Vertical, Atlantis Power Stack, Atlantis Parallel Vertical, Maganus Parallel Vertical, Maganus Power Stack, Arctic Parallel Vertical, Arctic Power Stack,
Herakles Parallel Vertical, Herakles Power Stack,