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I’m almost 40 a Mom i love my family and they are the most important thing in my life.
i used to smoke 2 packs a day and i had been smoking ever since i was 14
so a few years ago i took a hard look at my life didn’t help that we was faced with a huge financial situation and we couldn’t afford to smoke but we was addicted to the nicotine
we had previously tried the Patch the Gum the ecigs from tobacco company’s you know the little thin ones that you toss after you used it up even tried the all famous Blu i was still smoking
i thought i was bound to be a smoker for the rest of my life
then one day at our local Tobacco store the lady behind the counter sold us our first ego pen
she filled it with juice and explained how to use it
so we were off home ego pens in hand we didn’t have any other tobacco products around us only our ego pens and some 18mg nicotine juice
let me tell you when you first start vaping the cough is going to make you want to stop but DON’T after a few weeks the cough vanishes and its smooth sailing from there you cough because its your body’s natural way of clearing up your lungs from all the chemicals from cigarettes its been  years now since my last cigarette and i haven’t wanted to smoke one ever since i started vaping i have been vaping since June 30th 2012
i can tell you my health has improved my skin has more moisture in it my teeth breath hair all are better not to mention i no longer smell like an ashtray and i didn’t gain tons of weight i think i gained 5lbs in the first year
when i finally quit smoking and was full time vaping i never realized how bad the cigarettes smelled now waiting at the bus stop in a morning with my daughter when ever someone smokes it makes me gag i cant stand the smell of it no more and to think i smoked 2 packs a day for 20 years
so i loved my ego pen but it started tasting weird no one told me the coil in my ego pen needed changing so we purchased new tanks we upgraded to the Kanger Pro Tank and a bigger ego pen we loved this tank, but again after a few months that weird burnt taste was back
so after some time doing research trying to find the answers i was looking for i found it the coils was bad in this tank and i had to purchase replacement coils
and juice for our vape there was a huge choice and i hated wasting money on juice we didn’t like
our local store didn’t have a tasting station like so many do now
i decided to review all the vape products i got either for the purpose of review from contests i won or from things i have purchased
i found out fast don’t waste time purchasing ego pens from eBay they don’t last
spend a little extra and buy from a store
but these days ego pens are out and mods are in
don’t get over whelmed by all the choices out there do some research ask around
vaping is not hard just take it one day at a time if you smoke and vape at first that’s OK just cut out the cigarettes one at a time

I love my flavor i don’t chase the clouds they chase me
i chain vape i always have my mod in my hand or very close by
i am not a professional reviewer i just give my honest opinion I DO NOT APPEASE anyone
if a company’s juice sucks i will say i didn’t enjoy this juice
if i love it i will share that
i will not let company’s alter my work after all this is my opinion not anyone else’s no two people are going to have the exact same opinion

its about spreading the word of the company along with the review of their products
i do not accept any money as payment for my review
when i review i use multiple tanks and batteries

koopor 200w , iJoy asolo 200w , RX200w , iStick 100w , IPV4s 120W ,  EVIC VT 60W , PEGASUS 70W , MK1 50W , ISTICK 40W , ego X7 , ego X6 , ITASTE 11W

Tornado , TFV4 , Griffin RTA , Protank4 , Cleito , Bacholer RTA , ZEUS , JELLYFISH , CORAL , HELIOS-2 , TRITON , KANGER SUBTANK , APOLLO , EGO MEGA ONE , ELITE TANK , SUB-MK1 , SUB-MK2 , SUB-MINI , and more


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