CCVapes Cravings & Double Barrel No.5 Review

were taking a look at a few flavors from CCVAPES as many of you know I haven’t really had a flavor from this company I really didn’t like that I said was un-vapeable. this company has some of the best Tobacco flavors I have vaped even if you’re not into tobacco they do have a great line of other flavors fruits desserts candy drinks something for everyone. search my site for other ccvape reviews

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20160929_173235Double Barrel No.5

Till this day no one knows exactly how the old prospector created his smooth, slightly sweet blend known as “Double Barrel No 5”. But we’ve managed to recreate that same smooth rich tobacco with a decadent butterscotch and hints of caramel! Easily an all day vape, you won’t have to go prospecting to enjoy the legendary blend No 5!

Flavor profile: Tobacco, Butterscotch, Caramel, Slightly Sweet

This is a really nice sweet tobacco flavor one that I enjoy quite a bit it’s bold and sweet at the same time. On the inhale you get a really nice sweet butterscotch followed through with a caramel and tobacco combination. I think this would be a perfect vape to help kick stinky sticks  this produced great flavor and vapor production I didn’t experience any harshness or aftertaste it did have a slight throat hit. this was a smooth vape I received mine in a 3mg nicotine max VG for me this is an all day vape

Used on – Alliance RDA with a 0.4ohm twisted coil between 40w to 70w

Coil Killer – no did not gunk up my coils

Rating 5 Stars


Cravings is a crafted blend of Toffee coated with roasted Almonds and covered in rich velvety Chocolate!

While this is a sweeter confection, we’ve balanced the perfect blend of savory roasted Almonds with a sweet Toffee.

A semi sweet Chocolate smoothes out this flavor to bring out your indulgent Cravings!

Flavor profile: Almond Roca, Toffee, Almonds, Sweet, Chocolate

This is a  semi-sweet vape the chocolate and nut combination really set this vape off. this produced great vapor production and a smooth vape. On the inhale you get a semi-sweet chocolate flavor followed on the exhale with caramel toffee mixed with an almond nutty flavor and a hint of chocolate on the end. I really enjoyed this flavor for me it’s an all day vape I didn’t experience any aftertaste harshness or throat hit I received mine in a 3mg

Used on – OBS Cheetah RDA with a 0.14ohm twisted coil between 40w to 70w

Coil Killer – no did not gunk up my coils

Rating 5 Stars

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