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We’re taking a look at a few flavors from Dinner Lady that came from VapinLizards here in the USA the dinner lady line is a great line of flavors all though my favorite is still the lemon tart that leaves the others something to live up to I was excited to get the whole line to try, especially after trying lemon tart I done some extra steeping on this line because some of the flavors just didn’t taste like they supposed to according to the profiles you can connect with VapinLizards and pick up some of the Dinner Lady juice

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20160914_054051Lemon Tart

Sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust.

This is still a truly amazing vape that will leave you wanting more. I really enjoy this flavor an it has not changed since I last reviewed this one inhale you get the sweet lemon slightly on the tart side, but not to the point it makes you pucker up exhale you  get a creamy meringue with a graham cracker pie crust on the end. i thought this was a super smooth vape no harshness a slight throat hit from the lemon and no after taste for me this would be an all day vape i received mine in 3MG nicotine  and what seems like a 70% vg 30% pg this did produce great vapor production i tested this on my  Troll v2 RDA with a clapton 0.3 ohm coil from 40w to 70w i received mine in a 3MG Nicotine

Rating 5 Stars

Coil Killer – i didn’t find this killed my coils

20160914_053949CornFlake Tart

A true taste of the old-school! Cornflake and syrup tart with a punchy layer of strawberry jam running through. The only thing missing is the crunch.

This is a bit of a weird vape to me but, did need extra steeping  inhale i get the corn flavor to me it’s like a cheap Cornflake then followed on the exhale with a slight bit of strawberry Jam this really has a jam taste it’s not like a regular strawberry vapor production is great i did test this from 40w to 70w running on a Clapton 0.25 ohm coil on my Tsunami RDA for me this wouldn’t be an all day vape  there is no harshness only a slight throat hit but there is defiantly an aftertaste of the cornflake flavor

Rating 4 Stars

Coil Killer – i didn’t find this killed my coils

20160914_054023Strawberry Custard

Natural strawberry is balanced against sweet, creamy custard and butter-caramel. A refreshingly different strawberry vape that will leave Mother’s Milk gathering dust on your shelf.

This is a flavor I was super excited about I’m a huge fan of strawberry custard vapes so when I tried this flavor I was a little let down. This is not your average strawberry custard. Inhale you get the sweet strawberry followed on the exhale by what seemed like more of a milk shake than a custard its more of a sweet creamy milk then you get the buttery caramel on the end for me this is not a strawberry custard i enjoy it does produce great vapor production does have a slight aftertaste no harshness and no real throat hit for me this would not be an all day vape i tested this on my  Alliance RDA with a twisted 0.2 ohm coil from 40w to 70w i received mine in a 3MG Nicotine

Rating 4 Stars

Coil Killer – i didn’t find this killed my coils

20160914_054038Maple Waffle

Breakfast? Dessert? Who cares! You can now enjoy the indulgent taste of fresh waffles smothered in maple syrup guilt-free, all day, every day. And this liquid is so good, that’s exactly what you’ll want to do.

This is a weird flavor I thought not your average maple waffles on the inhale you get a waffle bread flavor followed on the exhale with more waffle and a mild hint of maple on the end. I would have liked the maple to be a little more dominant smelling the juice the maple really pops but it lacks in   the flavor I tested this on my  13 Heavens 13 Hells RDA  with a twisted 0.4 ohm coil from 40w to 70w i received mine in a 3MG Nicotine vapor production was awesome no aftertaste no harshness no throat hit but not an all day vape for me

Rating 4 Stars

Coil Killer – I didn’t find this killed my coils

i had high hopes for this line growing up in England and most of the school lunches was really good we used to call our lunch lady the Dinner lady we had some amazing food at school but this line is supposed to resemble some of the deserts we ate as a child I can only say that the lemon tart is true to taste the others flavors in my opinion all lack in flavor profiles custards are one of my favorites vapes  but the strawberry custard vapes was such a let down for me I thought it was more of a milk than a custard

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